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Welcome to Magic TV. Magic TV is a portal that allows magicians all over the world to access free information on a daily basis that helps them grow and improve as performers. 


Our founder Craig Petty wanted to create a place where magicians could find valuable support on every aspect of magic regardless of their interests.

Access to all of this information is completely free of charge; all you have to do is subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We have a schedule page on this website that you can check out as it shows you know what type of videos we upload and when we upload them. However the best thing to do is to subscribe to our YouTube Channel because that way you will get notified every single time we upload a new video.


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Craig Petty is a multi award-winning magician that has been involved in the Magic community for the last 25 years.


Over the years Craig has published some of the best selling tricks ever released to magicians. Some of his products such as Key Master and Chop have sold literally thousands of units and his work on the Flipper Coin has been influential to coin magicians worldwide.


Although he is no longer in the Magic Circle,Craig was one of the only magicians to ever be invited to join the Magic Circle as AIMC with a Silver Star.


Along with David Penn he was the co-host of the wizard product review for five years which was one of the very first online review shows for magicians.


Outside of the magic community Craig founded and runs Non Stop Kids Entertainment and Slightly Unusual. Non Stop Kids Entertainment is the largest children’s entertainment company in the UK and Slightly Unusual is the biggest entertainment agency for magicians in the UK. Between the two companies they deliver entertainment to over 10,000 events a year and boast a client list that’s literally the who’s who of the corporate world.


Craig is also a motivational speaker and regularly speaks to business owners about mindset, marketing and business growth. He has been invited several times to keynote at the Business Show in London at Excel and Olympia.


Craig’s YouTube channel for magicians, Magic TV has grown incredibly fast. It now boasts over 20,000 hours of watch time a month and it grows every month.


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