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If you haven't been keeping up to date with Magic TV, we have officially launched Netrix. This is an amazing platform bringing together the perfect community for magicians to come and talk about these tricks together as they watch the latest downloads! Just like any other trick you will get access the presentation, explanation and live performance view for each course added.

Think of it as the Netflix for magic tricks. When you sign up to join the community, all you need to do is pay a monthly subscription and gain access to over 100+ magic tricks that have been tried and tested. Thousands of magicians are taking advantage of all the magic tricks we have to offer. No longer do you have to pay £20 - £50 per magic trick and then wait another month to buy another, just gain access to loads of tricks right away! Quality control with every magic product!

Head over to The Netrix official website to learn some new tricks now!

Introducing The Netrix
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