What Is THE Netrix?

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"After 20+ years in the magic industry I started to notice more and more terrible magic downloads being released by absolute nobodies. It made me realise that there is absolutely no quality control on most of the tricks that go up on the web. The amount of money magicians waste on crap magic tricks must be in the millions by now! I wanted to put a stop to that so thats why I created Netrix!


The Netrix is a place for magicians to come and feel safe when consuming their time to learn a magic trick that they KNOW is going to be good as they are all checked not just by me but by many other amazing magicians!

With a subscription based platform all you do is pay monthly for hundreds of tricks that are constantly being added to every month or so! The subscription for these tricks cost just as much as 1 trick from most magic shops! It's a no brainer and I am very excited for you to try it out!" - Craig Petty


Netrix is also a community for magicians to come and talk about these tricks together as they watch the latest downloads! Just like any other trick you will get the presentation, explanation and live performance views. 

Netrix is the new space for magicians to easily find the best magic tricks, communicate with other magicians & save a lot of money with out subscription based plan.

Think of us as the Neflix for magic tricks!

Netrix is a place for magicians to come and download the newest and best magic products in the industry by some of the best magicians in the world. 



Netrix is a subscription based platform where you pay monthly and you have access to over a 100+ magic tricks that have been carefully viewed for quality to make sure you have the best products out. 

You can get yourself a 7 day free trial to get things started! 


Join thousands of magicians who are now taking advantage of all the magic tricks we have to offer to them!

No longer will you have to pay £20 to £50 for 1 magic trick and then wait another month to buy another... 


Most tricks are hand picked by Netrix and at this moment you can not submit your own performances to us. 


There has never really been much quality control in the magic community therefore anyone and we mean ANYONE can download magic downloads.

Sign up today with Netrix and receive a 7day free trial. 

You will not have to worry about downloading a bad trick on Netrix. We have quality control and some of the best magicians with 20+ years of experience checking each trick. 

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