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Youtube #SHORTS

Every day at 2pm we post #Shorts. #Shorts are Youtube videos that are under 60 seconds in length designed for mobile devices.

Everyday you will see loads of fun magic content & pranks. The shorts are a very different style to our normal videos, less educational and more entertainment focused.

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Every day at 6pm we post a Magic Live! The Magic Lives are tricks that Craig performs in front of people. The Magic Lives give magicians a good insight into the reactions people give to certain tricks .

All tricks are performed to people that don't know magic so the reactions are real!

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Every Monday at 9pm we upload a 5x5. The 5x5 is a brand new format. Every week Craig talks about five different topics, where he has five minutes to talk about each topic. A timer is at the corner of the screen counting down for every topic. When the timer reaches 5 minutes Craig moves onto another topic. A quick, insightful & punchy way of getting magic news, tricks, tips & tricks. You never know what you're going to get!

5x5 With Craig Petty

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Every Tuesday & Saturday at 9pm we upload a Talk Magic. Craig sits down and chats with a well known magician. This could be a creator, a performer or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. 


Talk Magic’s are some of our most popular videos. Since we started Craig has interviewed performers such as David Regal, Justin Miller, Shawn Farquar, Marc Oberon. The list goes on. 


If you have a particular magician you would like to see interviewed on a future Talk Magic let us know.

You can now listen to Talk Magic episodes on the go with our podcast! We upload the audio version of the Talk Magic episodes to our Apple, Spotify & many more podcast accounts every Friday & Tuesday at 9pm. 


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The flagship video series of Magic TV is Craig and Ryland’s Magic Review Show. For years Craig was the co-host of The Wizard Product Review. However since then he has moved onto his own review show. 


Every week on a Wednesday at 5pm Craig teams up with his son Ryland who is also known as the Kid Magician.


Together they review the latest and greatest magic products to hit the magic community. They also perform everything they review so you can see exactly how the trick plays out. 


Craig and Ryland are also brutally honest and if a product is bad they will let you know. Creators beware, you will hear nothing but the truth from Craig and Ryland.


New Magic Review Show

Every Wednesday at 9PM we go live with a Hidden Gems. In this video series, Craig looks at a hidden gem in magic that everyone has forgotten about. The gem in question might be from a Penguin Live, an Alakazam Academy, a Masterclass or it could also be a routine from a book or a magazine or an ebook. Each week Craig will perform the trick in question, talk about why it is so good and where you can learn it from.  If you are trying to look from a hidden gem this is the video series for you.


Hidden Gems.png

Every Thursday at 9pm we go live with a Magic Stuff. The thing with Magic Stuff is you never know what you are going to get!  It’s Craig’s chance to put random advice videos online all about the performance of magic. 


One week Craig might talk about performance nerves, then audience management the next week and then how to memorise a deck. You literally never know what’s coming next. 


Magic Stuff is also the home of our very popular ‘3 Best Tricks’ series. Craig picks a particular subject and highlights three tricks that you have probably never seen before!  These routines are normally hidden gems you haven’t heard of before and Craig even explains where you can learn them from. 


Also fun fact!  The Magic Stuff videos are Craig’s favourite videos to produce.


magic stuff-01.png

Every Friday at 9 pm we upload a Review Show Revisited. This series looks back at some of the reviews we have done on Magic TV.

Craig looks back at the review and then either he or Ryland performs the routine to real people in the real world. You get to see a live performance of the routine and even a commentary track over the top. Then Craig talks about the experience of performing the routine to real people and whether that affects the percentage that it was awarded originally.


Review Show Revisited

Every Saturday at 12 pm we upload an Honest Trailer: Magic Edition onto our YouTube channel. Many magic products aren’t very good but the trailers make them look brilliant. With an Honest Trailer: Magic Edition we re-edit the original product trailer to make it more honest and better reflective of what the product looks like.


These trailers are controversial, always funny and as normal you get nothing but the truth.


honest trailer magic edition-01.png

Every Sunday at 12 pm we upload a Q & A session with Craig. We tend to find that there are lots of questions asked throughout the week on our different videos. Every Sunday Craig takes all of these questions and addresses them one by one.


The Q & A videos are always popular. Because it’s different questions every weekend you never know what you’re going to get.


If you have a question that you’d like to ask Craig just let us know in the comments of one of the videos and he will  answer it the following Sunday.


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Every Sunday at 9 pm we upload a Review Show Special. This is where Craig reviews certain products from a specific magic dealer, magician & more. Slightly different to a review show, Craig also interviews a magician in the show so they can talk about the tricks before reviewing. 


The Review Show Special allows viewers to have more of an in depth look at the tricks, understanding them more & seeing how they work and what works for the actual creator of these tricks. 


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