Ryland's Gala Show, Luke Dancy Tattoo, Blackpool, Tutorials & More | Q&A With Craig Petty

If you're ready to see your questions be answered, you're in luck because Craig Petty returned yesterday with another brand new episode of Magic Q&As. This week's episode revolves around Ryland potentially getting into The Young Magicians Club, how to make sure a creation is original, how to create a stage character and whether or not Magic TV will start doing tutorials.

Ryland's Gala Show, Luke Dancy Tattoo, Blackpool, Tutorials & More | Q&A With Craig Petty

Every week Craig Petty looks at all the questions that have been asked throughout the week and answers them to the best of his ability. The Q&A Session is always fun because every week it's totally different.If you would like a question answered on next week's show then simply leave a comment on the video and Craig will get to your question next week. This week Craig answers the following questions:

1. When Will Ryland Get Into The Young Magicians Club?

2. Final Thoughts About Luke Dancy

3. Tell Us The Story About The Luke Dancy Tattoo?

4. Thoughts On Controversy About The Quantum Deck?

5. How Can You Make Sure Your Creation Is Original?

6. What Are The Best Coin Boxes To Buy?

7. How To Create A Stage Character?

8. How Do You Remember Routines As A Working Magician?

9. Who Would Win In A Fight Sid Little Or Bobbly Ball?

10. Will Magic TV Start Doing Tutorials?

11. What Is My Go To Prediction Trick?

12. Thoughts On Ryland's Gala Show Performance?

13. What Is Harder Card Magic Or Card Manipulation?

14. How To Negotiate The Best Deal With Producers?

15. Quantum Should Have Been On Penn & Teller?

16. Have You Considered Being On Penn & Teller?

17. More Female Magicians On Talk Magic?

18. Alternative Method For The Quantum Deck?

That's all for this week's Magic Q&A. Don't forget to leave your questions in the video's comment section. There's no such thing as a bad question. Ask anything you like whether it's directly magic related or not. We look forward to seeing your questions.

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