What Magicians Can Learn From David Penn | Magic Stuff With Craig Petty

On this week's Tuesday episode, Craig Petty dedicated the full episode to talking about a different professional magician/entertainer and what we can learn from them. This could be from a business, magic or performance perspective. There's a lot to learn. This is the start of a brand new series of videos. The first magician we looked at this week is David Penn.

What Magicians Can Learn From David Penn | Magic Stuff With Craig Petty

If you're looking for a magician who's been involved in magic their whole life, David Penn is just the man! Over the last few decades David has had a career most magicians can only dream of. He's won every major UK Championship there is to win out there at the highest level his whole life. David performs close up, stage magic and grand illusions. Just recently he has pioneered Tech Magic. Now he's known as 'The Tech Magician'.

As well as an amazing career David is also a highly respected creator of magic. He has created some of the most well known and commercial magic tricks ever released including products such as Coinvexed, Fob, Invisible Deck Kicker to name a few. He is one of the most successful magicians in the UK and currently co-hosts The Wizard Product Review Show. These are the tips and tricks we can learn from David Penn.

1. You Have To Have The Ability To Reinvent Yourself

2. Don't Be Afraid To Compete

3. Make Sure You Put Yourself Out There!

4. Embrace Modern Marketing Techniques

5. Diversify

6. Make Sure You Don't Be Afraid To Charge What You Feel You Are Worth!

7. Get Your Networking Working Build Relationships

8. Make Sure You Love What You Do

You can check out the full episode on Magic TV below. Do you want to see this series continued? Please let us know in the comments.

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