What Is The NETRIX? | Magic Q&A With Craig Petty

On Sunday 7th March at 12PM GMT, Craig returns with another brand new episode of Q&A. Every week we look at the questions you have asked and Craig answers them to the best of his ability!

What Is The NETRIX? | Magic Q&A With Craig Petty

Q&As are the perfect chance to have any of your queries answered by the man himself. These videos are super fun and you always find something different. If you would like to ask a question and have it answered by Craig just let us know in the comments to the video. This week Craig answers the following questions

1. Can you be a magic creator and not get famous?

2. Has becoming a magician changed you as a person and if so how?

3. Would Craig and Ryland appear on Penn & Teller Fool Us?

4. What do you think of Michael Vincent?

5. What do you say to someone if they ask if magic is real?

6. What is your favourite application of a peek device?

7. What is your view of performing no magic related 'things' as part of a magic performance?

8. How did Craig and Sarah meet?

9. Do you regret 'getting into' magic and learning everything you know?

10. How do you grow a YouTube Channel for magicians?

11. Do you have any other funny magic stories?

12. Will Craig ever get into The Magic Circle again? Magic Circle Update

13. Was Craig harsh on Sans Minds Magic?

14. What is the best 'thought of cards across'?

15. What is THE NETRIX?

Watch the video below to see all of your queries answered! That's all for today's episode of Q&As. Remember to ask your own questions in the comments and we will answer them in next week's episode. Thanks for tuning in and we will speak to you soon! 👇👇👇

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