Reviewing VISIBLE & 4 Other Magic Tricks | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The father & son team of Craig and Ryland Petty are back to review the latest and greatest products released to the magic community. This week we will be looking at Squeeze, Coin Artist, Art Attack, Her Card/ His Card and most importantly, Craig's new product Visible.

Reviewing VISIBLE & 4 Other Magic Tricks | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig and Ryland give each product their own respective rating. If they like or dislike a product you will know. We aren't associated with any third party magic company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. Let's break down the five products and see what Craig and Ryland think of them.


The first product is part of the Tommy Wonder Classic collection from Wings Magic and JM Craft called Squeeze. This is the perfect replica of  the one Tommy Wonder used in The Books of Wonder and Visions of Wonder. This effect was difficult to create in the past, but thanks to all the hard work conducted by Jim Craft, this is now possible. Craig and Ryland are big fans of this routine, giving it a 98% and 100% rating respectively.


Craig and Ryland looked at COiN ARTIST by Mark Traversoni & iNFiNiTi. As a big fan of coin magic, Craig was very eager to check this out. COiN ARTIST is designed for Phantom Artist to meet coin magic. This routine comes with 10p coins that are designed to be given  away as souvenirs to spectators at very little cost. No DIY, no burning around stencils, no black sooty fingers - your set of 18 coins come ready to perform with. Craig gave this product a rating of 95% rating while Ryland followed up with a high 119%.


The third product we looked at is ART ATTACK! by Michael Breggar and Kaymar Magic. The magician offers to demonstrate some performing art by removing some art postcards that have literally been chopped up into little pieces of art. The spectator shuffles them around, whilst the magician leaves a mysterious red envelope on a cute little easel, in full view.

By the end of the routine, when the packet is all back together, the magician spreads it across the table and then call attention to the mysterious red envelope. When opened, it has their prediction inside. There's no moves, no sleight of hands and instantly resettable. Craig gave the review 85%, simply citing it's not something he would do in many live shows. As for Ryland, he followed up with a 90%.


The next product is the one everyone's been waiting for. It's Craig's new product Visible. Most magicians have owned an Invisible Deck at some point. The routine starts simple: the spectator freely names a playing card which is immediately shown to be the only card reversed in the pack. That's impressive but then you find it's not a trick. The Invisible Deck is a fully-equipped, razor sharp, SWISS ARMY KNIFE of mind-exploding possibilities.

Card miracles were once only attainable to masters of sleight of hand. By using Visible, magicians can now perfect card miracles in a fraction of the time with a prop nobody would ever have suspected you are using. This is an extremely powerful tool for organic predictions making it perfect for mentalists as well as magicians. As this is a product Craig has created, he cannot give a review for this one. Ryland enjoyed his father's product, giving it a 95% score.

Her Card His Card

Our final product of this week's show is Her Card His Card by Cody Fisher (Red Bicycle Back) by Cody Fisher. A member of your audience selects a card and then returns it to the deck. Afterwards, the magician tells the audience they will find their card easily because it's marked.The deck is spread with the words "His Card: appearing in large bold letters on the back of a card. There's so much to this routine like you wouldn't believe. That's why Craig gave this product a 93% rating while Ryland followed up closely with 95%.


And that's everything for this week's show. Craig & Ryland got to review some amazing products and look forward to reviewing more next week. Don't forget to check out Visible on the Magic TV channel. You can find the full Magic Review Show below. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 👇👇👇

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