Stroop Test, Drop Card, Vanishing & EDG Volume 1 & More | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

Welcome back to another brand new Magic Review Show with Craig and Ryland. This week they look at Stroop Test, Drop Card, Zoltars Opener, Vanishing & EDG Volume 1. All tricks are performed, discussed and you will know if they are good or bad.

Stroop Test, Drop Card, Vanishing & EDG Volume 1 & More | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

Every week Craig & Ryland team up to review the latest & greatest products released to the magic community. Neither magician is associated with any third party magic company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. If they like a trick that you didn't enjoy or vice versa, that's not a problem. The following tricks below were reviewed.

Stroop Test

The first product Craig and Ryland reviewed is Stroop Test by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis. This is a brilliant super commercial product that's very engaging and easy to do. You can instantly reset the routine. It's clean, simple and very practical. According to Penguin Magic, "Predict the future using a simple psychological experiment that your audience won’t see coming. Created by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis, this effect blends real science with real magic to predict your spectator’s choices 100% of the time. This is The Stroop Test." Craig and Ryland enjoyed this product, giving it an 85% and 95% rating respectively. It works very well and is highly recommended by Craig.

Drop Card

Chris Rawlins introduces Drop Card, a new routine that gives your spectator the sixth sense and has them physically locate a chosen card. Penguin Magic states, "This is one of those great tricks that makes your spectator the star and guarantees that everyone gets on board, and as a worker for both magicians and mentalists, this is perfect for any performer of the mystery arts!

Not only will you learn the reputation maker DROP CARD, you will also learn a couple of extra bonus effects that are achievable with the special supplied deck of cards." It's a clever routine that Chris Rawlins has focused his attention on for ten years to achieve an impossible effect. Craig gave this review 90% while Ryland followed up with a perfect 100%. Drop Card is very easy to do, nothing to break and does what it says.

Zoltars Opener

The latest trick by Peter Nardi is Zoltars Opener. When Peter did mix & mingle, he used to use an invisible deck as his opener for his set. Peter needed a new opener for his mix & mingle set. It's a very simple prediction of a card but this allows the magician to predict the card that the spectator names that they are free to choose from without any force. Craig gave this product a 93% while Ryland followed up with a 120%. It's a great opener that's super commercial and over very quickly.


The worst trick Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Vanishing by Himitsu Magic. This routine is supposed to be a strong effect to make cards disappear perfectly. The description states, "Not only the effect is strong, but also has the following characteristics: 180 degrees. Stage performances, online Zoom performances are very suitable. Included special props. No need to make any items." The product is so poor that neither magician could give it an appropriate score. You'll see why when you watch the full episode.

EDG Volume 1

The last product Craig & Ryland reviewed for this week's show is EDG Volume 1 by Oseyfans and Luke Oseland. "EDG are designed to go straight into your wallet, or the back of your phone case. They were created to seamlessly fit into your everyday carry." This product includes 5 different, unique everyday gaffs, 5 loyalty cards, a professionally filmed, instructional video and resealable carry pouch. It's a great upgrade to regular gaff cards that allows you to perform unique tricks. Craig and Ryland gave this product a 85% and 100% rating respectively.


And that's everything we have to review for this week's Magic Review Show. The full episode can be found below. Check it out and let us know if you plan to use any of those products. We look forward to seeing your thoughts. Stay tuned for next week's Magic Review Show.

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