David Penn & The Magic Circle Update, Tenyo Magic, Deck Switches & Dan Rhodes | Q&A With Craig Petty

On yesterday's Magic Q&A, Craig has collected the questions you have asked throughout the week to answer them to the best of his ability. This week's questions include an update on the David Penn situation, any further communication with Dan Rhodes, thoughts on using a crib in a magic trick and much more.

David Penn & The Magic Circle Update, Tenyo Magic, Deck Switches & Dan Rhodes | Q&A With Craig Petty

The Q&A episodes are always fun and unique because you never know what's going to be asked. If you have any questions regarding magic you would like Craig to answer, simply comment below in this week's episode and we'll get Craig to answer next week. This week Craig answers the following questions below:

1. An Update on David Penn, Mike Sullivan & The Magic Circle

2. How Do You Switch Decks In And Out Of Play and Go Between Gimmicked Decks?

3. How Many Coin Tricks Do You Perform At A Paid Gig. What Is The Ratio Between Coin & Card Tricks?

4. Any Further Communication With Dan Rhodes? Will There Be An Updated Video?

5. Does Craig Lecture & Would He Go On 'Fool Us'?

6. Are Roughing Sticks Any Good?

7. What Is Your Opinion Of Tenyo Products?

8. Have You Ever Used A Topipit? Are They Any Good?

9. Any Thoughts About Using A Crib In A Magic Trick?

10. Any Sleights You Gave Up On Learning? Why Did You Give Up?

11. The Glasses Trick Was Created by Jay Sankey. Crediting Is Important

12. Will Sharpie Bleed Through Tyvek Paper?

13. Best Coin Magic For A Beginner In Coin Magic?

14. What Is A Good Source For Learning Basic Card Handling Skills?

15. How Would You Do A Chair Test With A Mental Die?

16. Best Magic That Can Be Carried On A Key Ring?

That's everything for this week's Magic Q&A. You can watch Craig answer each of these questions below. Don't forget to leave your own question for next week's episode. We look forward to seeing them.

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