Minted, Shrapnel, Red Card, Toxic Smile & Change Pad | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review

Welcome to episode 91 of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show. Every week the father & son team review the latest products released to the magic community. Love or hate it, they will let you know. This week they look at Shrapnel, Red Card, Toxic Smile, Minted and Change Pad.

Minted, Shrapnel, Red Card, Toxic Smile & Change Pad | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review

The best part about the Magic Review Show is how unbiased Craig & Ryland are. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. If you love a product they dislike or vice versa, that's completely fine. Let's break down the four products they reviewed this week.


The first magic product reviewed this week is Shrapnel by Kim Andersen. With this product, the magician uses a normal looking safety pin that can be fully examined by the audience. You borrow a finger ring from someone and then, right in front of their very eyes, the two objects impossibly melt through each other over and over again. At the magicians command, the objects visually melt fibres through fibres in unexplainable ways. As quickly as it began, the objects no longer penetrate and are handed back to the audience for them to examine, leaving them speechless. It's an incredible product of magic and a great trick overall. As a result, Craig gave Shrapnel 100% while Ryland followed up with 110%.

Red Card

Roberto Giobbi is back with another brand new Penguin Magic product titled Red Card. The idea behind this trick is simple: the magician displays a single red card within a glass as well as a blue-backed deck. The red card is placed onto the blue deck before being cut into the deck. The audience is allowed to choose a card that is removed from the deck. Without warning, the card the audience member chooses is the red card all along. While Red Card is a well made trick and does exactly what it says, there are other routines out there that can accomplish the effect better. Nevertheless, it's a good trick. Craig and Ryland gave Red Card 70% and 79% respectively.

Toxic Smile

Marcos Cruz is back with another product for kids, and unfortunately it is not up to standard once again. Penguin Magic states, "The magician presents 3 WhatsApp icons on both sides, then magically emoticons begin to appear first of a happy face, the magician repeats and a loving face emoticon appears and finally a smiley face with glasses appears, then places the emoticons in front of his face and Surprisingly the glasses travel to the face of the magician, the emoticon is surprised and without glasses." Toxic Smile is poorly made, it's completely obvious how it works and simply does not work. Craig & Ryland were not fans at all. Craig gave this -1000000%. Ryland actually thinks this trick is worse than N Pad which is a HUGE accomplishment As a result, Ryland gave this a rating of -Infinity%.


Next up Craig & Ryland look at Craig Squires' Minted. Minted is a nice & clever variation of a classic routine. The distinct advantage included allows the magician to make two Polo mints come out threaded which helps add to the surprising ending. As the name implies you will receive a packet of "Polos" and a thread with a needle. It's a clever little routine that everyone will enjoy. Craig & Ryland gave Minted 100% each.

Change Pad

The final product Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Change Pad by Phuk. MagicWorld states, "You display a clipboard and proceed to draw a sketch, or a word, offered to the view of the public. Now imagine you had the power to surreptitiously distort this ink into something else, and reveal the change to a bewildered audience, what would you do?" Change Pad is poorly made, there are too many restrictions where & when you can perform it and it's simply not fit for purpose. While not as terrible as Toxic Smile, it still isn't good. Craig & Ryland gave this last product 0% each.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Most of the products were great. Chances are you are going to see these products again in future videos on Magic TV. You can check out the full episode below to see Craig and Ryland perform & explain each routine. Thanks for reading today's blog.

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