Top 10 WORST Magic Tricks of 2021 - Listing The Worst Tricks Of 2021!

Updated: Jan 5

You've seen the best tricks of 2021. Now Craig has followed up with the worst magic tricks of 2021. There have been hundreds of magic products reviewed this year by Craig & Ryland Petty. Unfortunately, there are several tricks that are terrible and clearly made without any passion or commitment. Craig Petty breaks down each of these bad tricks in depth, explains his reasoning for their rating and why you should avoid them.

Top 10 WORST Magic Tricks of 2021 - Listing The Worst Tricks Of 2021!

The tricks you are going to see were featured in Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show, Review Show Specials and 5x5 Magic. If you are unfamiliar with each routine, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about them. If you have any questions about these tricks, let us know by simply leaving a comment in the video at the end.

10 - Frequency

Taking the number 10 slot on this list is Frequency by Peter Eggink & Armanujjaman Abir. The duo teamed up in 2018 when the latter proposed an idea to make an improved version. It's designed as a devious, clever gimmick to allow a magician to perform several PK/PK touch effects and amazing phone vanish. The description on Penguin Magic goes on to state, "It’s a very clever electronic device that you can carry around and is completely “invisible” when in play -You’ll love this! Frequency is your new secret weapon in magic. Period."

While Frequency is filled with many possibilities you can do with the gimmick, the product itself is simply no good. When it comes to vanishing phone tricks, you can easily use Hanson Chien's SiriX Pro that's cheaper and already great on its own. Frequency is simply an unneeded additional accessory.

9 - Four Stack

For number 9 we have Four Stack by Zihu. "Four Stack" is designed to add an extra punch to the ending of your favourite MacDonald's Aces routine. You'll be able to visually transform 1 Ace into all 4 Aces. What makes it even more deceptive is the fact that it can be handled as one card on the table before the other 3 Aces "disappear" from their stack. So it truly looks like 1 card multiplying into 4. Unfortunately, it is very poorly designed and doesn't work well at all.


Tenyo Magic have released some new products. One of them is PHONE APPETIT 2022. The idea behind this routine has the magician wearing a face mask that's printed with a giant red mouth. Without warning they are supposed to suddenly "eat" a smartphone in plain view. The prop includes a face mask, a dummy smartphone and an instruction sheet. That covers the whole product, unfortunately.

Craig was quite surprised by this because Tenyo has produced some great ideas over the years. This product is simply the sort of thing you would expect to see within a magic trick for kids. It's not professional at all. Craig even goes on to say this may be considered the worst magic trick of 2021.

7 - Trio

Trio by The Other Brothers is designed to be engaging, funny and leave your audience with an experience like no other. It comes with everything you need to start performing right away. This includes large, full colour predictions, a cloth bag, custom-made durable envelopes and comprehensive video instructions.

Penguin Magic states, "Three volunteers are invited to make various selections. From the audience's perspective, one of them is thinking of a famous person, another person is thinking of an animal and the last person is thinking of a fruit. For example, Albert Einstein riding a giraffe while eating an apple. This seems like a ridiculous combination. Yet, you're able to prove you knew they would make these choices in a hilariously visual way." Craig went on to explain it's not really that good and there are probably better ways to accomplish the effect.

6 - Origami Can

Marcos Cruz has introduced Origami Can, designed to make a soda can appear as well as use it to make a drink can prediction or ticket value change. Penguin Magic description states, "Imagine this... show the audience a tablet that is shaped like an orange-flavoured drink, you show it from both sides and nothing hides, then you close it and it becomes a Cola flavoured drink, you show everything very clean again , now you fold and the drink turns into a lemon drink.

Immediately after that, you make a can of lemon drink appear. The can of lemon is already in your hands!" This trick was not well received by Craig and Ryland. It's not good for social shows as well as live shows. This is why it has taken the number 6 slot.

5 - Dorito Bite & Linking Onion Rings

Two Julio Montoro products have taken the number 5 slot. The first is Dorito Bite. Julio Montoro and Gabbo Torres designed this routine as an organic way to perform the coin bite effect by taking a Dorito out of the bag, biting it and then boom, it's restored. This trick also comes with a metal box to carry the gimmick around with you as well. Unfortunately, this trick wasn't well received by Craig or Ryland. The trick is fragile, doesn't look very convincing and probably won't fool anyone.

As for the Linking Onion Rings, one of the most popular performed effects of all time is the Chinese linking rings. Julio Montoro wanted to take this one step further and came up with the idea to perform this routine using something everybody is already familiar with: Onion Rings. Penguin Magic states, "With Linking Onion Rings you will receive two realistic gimmicked onion rings that look as if they were real ones and a tutorial that will show you the handling step by step to make it look so visual."

Craig & Ryland shared mixed reactions to this routine. While the product is well made and does what it says, the problem is making sense of the product in the right environment. If you're in the middle of a gig, it might be a bit strange pulling out some Onion Rings all of a sudden. It's well designed but probably not ideally to use in the real world.

4 - Ghost Pips

Peter Eggink makes the list once again with Ghost Pips. The description on Magic Shop states, "Have a card selected by your spectator and return it to the pack. Next, you show your "prediction" card, sealed inside a zip-lock bag, to conceal it from any outside influences. Unfortunately the prediction card doesn't match the spectator's selection. Now for the fun part, eerily and ghostly pips start to slowly fade in, "cloning" themselves right into the spectator's selection!

This looks just like trick photography! Finally the card is removed from the bag only to reveal it has indeed changed into the spectator's selection and may be handed out for examination." This trick is not very good at all. The visuals are terrible and the trailer is dishonest. On top of this the procedure used to clean up the trick is convoluted at best.

3 - Quantum Spoon Bend

Peter Eggink's third worst trick to make this list is Quantum Spoon Bend. Everyone has seen the spoon bending routine. Peter Eggink introduced Quantum Spoon Bend to have a magician barrow a regularly ungimmicked coffee or tea spoon and cause the metal of said spoon to become liquid right in-between your fingertips. It bends out of shape but restores itself to its original state.

"Without any switches or whatsoever, the VERY SAME spoon is handed back to the spectator for them to keep as an astonishing souvenir! The borrowed spoon bend was never this visual yet VERY easy to perform! It comes complete with a ready to go Quantum Spoon Bend gimmick, practice spoon and online instructional video." It's a poorly constructed routine with no originality added to it.

2 - Solid

In the number 2 slot we have another Julio Montoro trick called Solid. Julio Montoro has had a reputation for releasing poor magic products. Unfortunately, this next one isn't any exception. Solid has been designed to let a magician borrow a random can of soda and pierce a signed key through it. The set comes with a handmade gimmick, two keys and a tutorial video from Julio. Penguin Magic goes onto state, "This would be how a coin through can would look if real magic did exist. This is that kind of trick that, once you know the secret, it will make you smile. The moment where the object pierces the can is that fun that you can't stop performing it in front of your mirror." It's very poorly thought out and clearly not designed to work at all.

1 - N Pad

The last product is without a doubt one of the worst products ever released. In the number one position we have SMagic's N-Pad. Penguin Magic description states, "At Smagic, we love to do the impossible. Do you think signed coins, cards, rings... will move from left hand to right hand, or disappear and stay in the mini bag? With N-Pad, you can do just that. What's more, everything happens in the most intuitive way, so you don't have to spend time sneaking. No need. You will let the audience choose a coin or card and sign it, you can also lend the spectator a ring, key... Then you disappear it under the palm of your left hand, and it will appear in your right hand, or in the mini bag. You don't have to be quick, everything is slow, the audience controls everything in their eyes, they will believe what's going on is magic."

There are several problems with this product. The small audible click included is actually really loud and everything needed to do the DIY is not included in the package. It's very overpriced with several misinformed information. The product is so poor that Ryland couldn't even give it a rating. As for Craig, he literally broke the trick on camera before tossing it away. We're not kidding. That's how much he hated this trick.


And there you have it. This officially concludes the 10 worst magic tricks of 2021. We hope the creators of these magic products will learn from their mistakes and produce some great tricks in 2022. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share about these products, let us know in the comments.

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