Top 10 Best Magic Tricks Of 2021 - Celebrating The Best and Brightest Tricks of 2021

Welcome to the best magic tricks of 2021. There have been hundreds of magic products reviewed this year by Craig & Ryland Petty. There are several tricks that are amazing and easily deserve to be awarded the trick of the year. Craig Petty breaks down each routine in depth, explains his reasoning for their rating and how you can use these tricks.

Top 10 Best Magic Tricks Of 2021 - Celebrating The Best and Brightest Tricks of 2021

The tricks you are going to see were featured in Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show, Review Show Specials and 5x5 Magic. If you are unfamiliar with each routine, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about them. If you have any questions about these tricks, let us know by simply leaving a comment in the video at the end.

10 - Safe

For the number 10 position we have Chris Congreave's Safe. This trick is Chris's take on the Just Chance or Bank Night Plot.  The method Chris has used for this particular trick is very unique and very different as well as very fooling. According to Alakazam, "For years magicians and mentalists have been fascinated with this plot because everyone pays attention when there is money on the line! Safe is perfect for mix and mingle, close-up, tables, stand -up or stage and with it’s instant reset it’s perfect for the worker!"

9 - Nexus Wallet & Shadow Wallet

There is a tie for number 9 on this list between The Nexus Wallet & Shadow Wallet. Nexus Wallet has very quickly become one of the hottest items in magic.  Everyone wants to know what the wallet does, how it works, is it really worth the asking price. Vanishing Inc. goes on to describe, "Nexus is not your grandfather's wallet. It's a modern and slick wallet for the modern performer. Don't let the fact that it's barely the size of your passport fool you. The amount of possibilities packed into this amazing utility is truly astonishing."

The Shadow Wallet was featured in Dee Christopher's 1914. That has been designed to be the world's slimmest, self-contained index and peek wallet. This revolutionary minimalist mentalism utility is destined to be your new favourite EDC. Both of these wallets are super amazing and deserve to be on the list.

8 - Big Reaction

Andy Nyman takes the number 8 slot with Big Reaction. Andy Nyman has decided to put his own unique twist on Roy Johnson's version, creating a killer version of this routine. It's one of the most commercial magic routines ever created that will leave your audience in awestruck.

Alakazam Magic goes on to state, "Big Reaction is not only the perfect opener but also a great closer to your set. You can use it anytime, anywhere. Works one on one, mix and mingle, close up, tables or even cabaret." This routine is an effect every magician and mentalist should use for their act.

7 - Siri X Pro

At number 7, Hanson Chien's Siri X Pro makes the list. Have you ever heard of Mariano Goni and Mago Murphy's SiriX? Hanson Chien has taken this gimmick one step further by introducing Siri X Pro, allowing you to vanish a phone into thin air. This new version lets you show the phone's camera before the phone vanishes and the case looks the same as the case after putting the Siri X gimmick inside.

Not only can you make the phone vanish, but you can make it into a transparent phone as well. There are multiple routines you can accomplish with Siri X Pro. This trick is great for close up performances and parlour shows. In addition to vanishing the phone, you can even put any bill inside the case and make it vanish.

6 - Eclipse

Dee Christopher makes the list once again with his brand new release called Eclipse. This is basically a really well made set of ESP Cards with a revolutionary new marking system that you can read from literally across the other side of the room.  No matter how bad your eyesight is, you will be able to see these marks easily and quickly.

Along with the set of cards there is a 2 1/2 hour tutorial which goes into depth on different routines and applications of the set of cards.  Dee Christopher and Lewis LeVal explain how to do 7 different routines with the cards and even talk about how you can routine everything together into one act.

5 - The Perfect Pen

The Perfect Pen by John Cornelius takes number 5. A $20 bill is borrowed from a member of the audience. The magician hands them a pen to sign their bill and examine if desired (there is nothing in the magician's hands). The magician retrieves the pen and bill, and without any funny moves whatsoever, proceeds to pierce the bill with the pen. The audience can clearly see the pen has penetrated the bill. He proceeds to visibly and audibly rip the pen through the bill, yet when it's handed back to the spectator, the bill is unharmed. The pen and the bill may then be handed out immediately for complete examination.


For our fourth and final trick we looked at Rubik Wall by Bond Lee. Another brilliant Rubik's Cube, this brand new trick has been designed to blow everyone anyway. Saturn Magic describes this routine as, "The magic routine is simple, spectators choose any cube they like, they can shuffle the cube as much as they want. They think of a sign, character or image, then place the cube back to any position they want, to create a completely random pattern, and when you turn the wall around, it will become the perfect prediction of the sign/character/image!"

3 - Switch*A*Two

Mark Mason's Switch*A*Two takes number 3 of the list. The Switch*A*Two is setting the magic world on fire.  Everyone wants to know if it is any good, whether it is worth the money and if it does what the trailer suggests it can do. The original Switcharoo had a similar impact on the magic community as well.  One of the reasons is that it is a very clean way of switching cards and has countless applications.

2 - Cognito

For number 2 of this position we have The Cognito App. This is something Lloyd and Murphy's Magic have been working on for the last year.  It is a truly revolutionary app which achieves a great deal.  When you scratch the surface of this app you see that it is capable of so much.

1 - Cube In The Bottle

The number one best trick of 2021 is Henry Harrius' Cube In The Bottle. The name of this routine is pretty much self-explanatory for what the trick does. We've all seen Dynamo put a phone in a bottle but how amazing would it be to see a Rubik's Cube inside instead. That's exactly what Henry has done.


That's all ten of the best tricks for 2021. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below to see Craig discuss each routine in depth. Check it out and let us know what you think about these tricks.

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