BEKOS 3.0, Cinemagic, N6, Origami Can & Tommy Wonder's Ring Box | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

Craig and Ryland return with episode 67 of The Magic Review Show. Newer magic products have been released into the magic community. Will they be good or will they be poor? This week Craig and Ryland reviewed N6 Coin Set, Origami Can, BEKOS 3.0, Cinemagic and Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Ring Box.

BEKOS 3.0, Cinemagic, N6, Origami Can & Tommy Wonder's Ring Box | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

The best part about the Magic Review Show is that neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their opinions for each product are strictly their own. You might dislike a trick they enjoyed or vice versa. We'll break down each trick and let you know what Craig & Ryland thought about them.

N6 Coin Set

The first product that has been reviewed for this week is N6 Coin Set by N2G. Since 2013, N2G have released the N series coin props, starting from N2 all the way to N5. Now they have decided to follow up with N6. Penguin Magic states, "N6 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is totally different from the previous version. "There are many routines in N6. Such as The Thief, Exchange, Spellbound, Transfer and so on.

N6 is made of high-quality Chinese coins. The whole set of props includes a N6 gimmick coin, a red common Chinese coin, a black common Chinese coin, plastic ring and string." If you're a big into coin magic and looking for a really visual trick, N6 is a great way to start. Craig enjoyed this newest version and gave it a rating of 79%. Ryland also gave it a 79% but also followed up with a 100% for reasons you'll understand when you watch the episode.

Origami Can

Marcos Cruz has recently introduced Origami Can, designed to make a soda can appear as well as use it to make a drink can prediction or ticket value change. Penguin Magic description states, "Imagine this... show the audience a tablet that is shaped like an orange-flavored drink, you show it from both sides and nothing hides, then you close it and it becomes a Cola flavored drink, you show everything very clean again , now you fold and the drink turns into a lemon drink.

Immediately after that, you make a can of lemon drink appear. The can of lemon is already in your hands!" This trick was not well received by Craig and Ryland. Both magicians awarded this routine with a rating of 0% and -10% respectively. It's not good for social shows as well as live shows.


Jeff McBride has teamed up with Alan Wong to introduce BEKOS 3.0. This routine uses a large 24 inch silk handkerchief. According to the description on Penguin Magic, "Tie a very fair and sturdy knot in the center. Tug on the knot to make sure it's secure... Then, you make a magical gesture, and the knot mysteriously slides right off the end of the silk! This can be repeated with a hilarious "kicker" finale."

Craig & Ryland enjoyed this product and awarded it with a 100% rating each. You can perform this routine silently, with professional scripts or even create your own custom presentation. You can learn it in minutes, master it in an hour and perform it for a lifetime. Check it out for yourself if you're looking for a unique routine.


Gustavo Raley returns with more amazing magic, introducing CineMagic to the community. Imagine having a movie within the palm of your hands. CineMagic is a visual, move-based experience Gustavo Raley has introduced for creative opportunities. Vanishing Inc. Magic describes the act as, "A movie ticket is introduced as a prediction. You then show a variety of different tickets with a blank screen on one side and then a movie and seat number on the other.

The spectator selects one of the tickets and is amazed to see it matches your prediction. But, that's just ONE part of this incredible effect. As an amazing kicker ending, you then put all the tickets together (which, remember, initially had a blank movie screen on them) and riffle through them like a flipbook to show a scene from the spectator's selected movie."

Craig praised this product and gave it a 90% rating. Ryland enjoyed it more, awarding it with a 119% rating. It's a visual and fun effect that will delight audiences of all ages. You can get three different versions as well. Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Superman. It works for parlour magic, virtual magic shows and even street magic scenarios.

Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Ring Box

The last magic product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Ring Box by JM Craft. Tommy Wonder is best known for his incredible Collection Ring Box he used In The Books of Wonder and Visions of Wonder. JM Craft has carefully crafted a perfect replica. Vanishing Inc Magic states, "So out of deep reverence and love for Tommy Wonder, Jim Craft has reconstructed all the details of Tommy Wonder's props to an almost stubborn point.

This is as close to a true replica of the set used by Tommy Wonder as you can get. Tommy Wonders spirit flows freely through all these expertly crafted props." As a big fan of Tommy Wonder's work, Craig enjoyed this replica as did Ryland. Both magicians awarded it with a perfect 100% rating each.


That's everything reviewed for this week's Magic Review Show. Most of the products were fantastic. Chances are you will see some of them referenced again in Magic Lives and other episodes. You can watch the full episode below to see Craig and Ryland go in depth with each trick. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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