This Tricks That Bad It Gets CUT UP!! | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned yesterday with another brand new Magic Review Show. As usual, Craig & Ryland examined the latest magic products and give you an honest rating. This week they reviewed Twin Cube, No Deck, The Trojan Deck, Magic Show Colouring Book and Move Ink.

This Tricks That Bad It Gets CUT UP!! | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn firsthand about the newest magic products released to the community. Craig and Ryland break down each product, perform them for us and then give it their own individual rating. Like it or hate it, you will be the first to know. Let's see what's been reviewed in this week's episode.

Twin Cube

The first product reviewed this week is Twin Cube by Bacon Magic and Long Long. This is a new Rubik's Cube routine that features two cubes: one is regular sized while the other is mini. Vanishing Inc. describes this routine as, "The spectator takes the small one and you keep the big one for yourself. Each of you mix your own cubes at the same time. Impossibly, when you're done, all of the sides of each cube perfectly match. As an amazing kicker ending, the small Rubik's Cube is then instantly solved in the spectator's hand."

It sounds very similar to other Rubik's Cube magic tricks, there are several key differences. Everything is out in the open, nothing needs to be snuck into the routine and the dual mechanism structure does not impact your ability to handle and mix it naturally. It's a clever routine with some unique mechanics. Craig enjoyed this product, giving it a 90% rating. Ryland followed up with a close 95% rating.

No Gift

Magic Dream have introduced No Gift, a clean and fair bank night style routine that allows your spectator to make a completely free choice of one of five face-down gift cards. The magician reveals that their audience only managed to choose the ONLY card that DIDN'T feature a large sum of money. Vanishing Inc. states, "This is a fun mentalism routine with a ton of comedy potential. Each set comes with a marker for further customization as well." While it's not the worst trick in the world, it's just terribly thought out. There are millions of different ways to accomplish this effect. As a result, Craig only gave this product a 10% rating. Ryland was less impressed, giving it a 0% score.

The Trojan Deck

Joshua Jay has teamed up with Vanishing Inc. to introduce The Trojan Deck. This new routine is both simple in premise and almost limitless in possibilities. The magician shuffles a blue deck and you shuffle a red deck. Both decks match exactly. Vanishing Inc. states, "There is no deck switch, the effect has no sleight-of-hand whatsoever, it is 100% foolproof, and the gimmick can be used in all sorts of ways to allow you perform stacked deck effects with a shuffled deck. But that isn’t even the best part." This is a brilliant routine that's more than a trick; it’s a devious gimmick that allows you to perform all sorts of parlour and close-up miracles. Craig & Ryland loved this routine, awarding it with 100% and 102% respectively.

Magic Show Colouring Book

Everyone has heard of the classic Magic Show Colouring Book. It's a fun trick to use in a kid's show. Murphy's Magic has taken this one step further by making a Deluxe version. Penguin Magic states, "a colouring book is shown to have all blank pages. The magician (that's you) asks the kids in the audience to point at the colouring book and say the magic words. You then show there is a different drawing on each and every page However, the drawing are not colored in

Next, you ask the kiddies to call out their favourite colours! you open the book once again and ALL of the drawings have now magically been colored in BUT they are just scribbles! Oh NO! Finally, you ask all of the kids to say the magic word and ALL of the colours have now changed into perfectly colored pictures!!"

What makes this new version stand out from the original? As well as containing a special 4-way book, the paper is produced from high-quality stock, the images contain actual magic tricks and illusions and much more. It's an incredibly updated version of a classic trick that everyone will love. Craig loves this routine, giving it a 100% rating. Ryland loved this as well, awarding it with a 101% score.

Move Ink

The last product Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Move Ink by Ilya Anatolyevich. This has been designed as a shocking visual magic trick that will leave your audience in surprise. The gimmick is supposed to allow a magician to enable a strange array of shapes on the back of a playing card to impossibly move, leaving an unforgettable moment. Vanishing Inc. continues on with, "A spectator selects a playing card from a deck of cards. It is then lost in the deck. The magician then takes a marker and creates a variety of strange shapes on the back of the card. It doesn't look like much until these shapes come to life to reveal the selected playing cards in a one-of-a-kind way." Unfortunately, this product was not well received at all. It's so bad that Ryland literally cut it up into pieces. As far as ratings go, you'll have to see.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Some of the tricks were great while others were not so much. We highly recommend avoiding Move Ink. You can watch the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland break down each routine in depth. Check it out and let us know if you plan on getting one of these tricks.

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