That F**ing Card, Intuitive Card, Coinception & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The duo team of Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This week they are looking at That F**ing Card, The Vault - The Mystery of Ten Coins, The Intuitive Card Prediction, Coinception and Invisible Trip. Each of these tricks are examined, performed and given an honest rating.

That F**ing Card, Intuitive Card, Coinception & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The biggest advantage with The Magic Review Show is this is the perfect opportunity to learn first hand about the newest products released into the Magic Community. Craig & Ryland broke down each of these products and give their own individual ratings. Like it or hate it, you will be the first to know.

That F**ing Card

The first magic product Craig & Ryland examined this week is their least favourite out of the five tricks this week. Introducing That F**ing Card by Jota. Penguin Magic states, "Imagine taking out your deck and placing it on the table. Then you ask a spectator to think of ANY OF THE 52 CARDS. With completely clean hands you show a paper inside the cellophane of the box with a written prediction of the chosen card. But there is more. You take the paper and add the date and your signature after the message and you give it to him as a souvenir of the unexplained experience." Jota is normally very creative, but the problem with this product is the lack of quality control. The creativity is there, but the end isn't there and it's very substandard. As a result, Craig only gave this product 15% while Ryland was less impressed and gave it 5%.

The Vault - The Mystery of Ten Coins

You're about to see one of the best downloads ever seen. This is a brilliant practical effect by Rodrigo Romano called The Mystery of Ten Coins. According to Penguin Magic, this is how the routine works. "Imagine this: 10 regular coins are left on the table. The spectator separates 5 coins and hides them under his hand.  Then he grabs the remaining 5, mixes them thoroughly and drops them onto the table. You know how many coins have fallen heads and how many tails. (for example, 3 heads and 2 tails). Inexplicably, the 5 coins that the spectator withdrew at the beginning of the effect, exactly match the coins that he mixed himself! 3 heads and 2 tails! Amazing!" Craig and Ryland loved the premise and execution, giving this product a 120% and 115% rating respectively.

The Intuitive Card Prediction

Astor has returned with a brand new Alakazam prediction trick called The Intuitive Card Prediction. Alakazam goes on to state, "The Intuitive Card Prediction is a powerful and very direct mental effect. Can be performed on stage, In parlour conditions. in close up conditions or doing table hopping as well.

A prediction is written either before the performance or in front of the audience and placed in the trousers or jacket decoration pocket without revealing it. Then one or more spectators freely determine and name one card. The named card Is lost in a deck or it is placed into a glass. Finally the revealed prediction perfectly matches with the named card." Craig and Ryland enjoyed this product, giving it 85% and 90%.


Next up Craig & Ryland reviewed Coinception by Roddy McGhie, a new coin trick that's unlike anything we've ever seen. Penguin Magic goes on to describe this product as, "The magician offers to explain exactly how magicians pull coins out from behind people’s ears. The truth is that they quickly grab all the necessary atoms out of the air and form it into a coin, and to prove it, the magician will form the coin in slow motion. The magician pinches their fingers together and then shows half a coin at their fingertips. They pinch a few more atoms out of the air and then fuse another quarter of the coin together showing three-quarters of a coin at their fingertips. Another small pinch and the final piece of the quarter is fused on, right at the very tips of the fingers, and then that coin is immediately handed out for examination." Craig & Ryland loved this product and the performance instructions included. As a result, they awarded Coinception with 100%.

Invisible Trip

The last product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Invisible Trip by Tumi Magic. This brand new product allows you to perform an incredible switch effect like no other. Vanishing Inc. states, "An incredible piece of handmade leather that you can carry with you at all times. You could disappear the inside device of the lighter and its place will appear the signed card of the spectator. You can use bill notes and everything you can imagine. You only have to consider the same size of the gimmick to put it inside the lighter." Craig enjoyed the concept and premise, giving it 95%. Ryland was just as impressed and gave it an 85% rating.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. You can watch the full episode below to see Craig & Ryland review each product in detail. If you have any plans to use these products yourself, let us know in the comments.

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