The Lost Magic Review Show | One Off Special With Craig Petty & Ryland Petty

On this week's Thursday episode as a one off special, Craig & Ryland returned with another Magic Review Show. This show was lost during editing, but now that the footage has been rediscovered, Craig & Ryland wanted to bring this to you as a one off special. That means you got to see two Magic Reviews Shows.

The Lost Magic Review Show | One Off Special With Craig Petty & Ryland Petty

As with the usual Magic Review Show, Craig & Ryland reviewed five new magic products. Each product is examined, performed and given an honest rating. If you like a trick that Craig & Ryland didn't like or vice versa, that's absolutely fine. We would love to know your thoughts as well. Let's break down the five products on this lost episode.

Pocket Slot Machine

The most controversial product on this special is Pocket Slot Machine by Astor. Penguin Magic states, "The basic idea of the prop is from an unknown Czech magician. Included with the prop are three video presentations and tutorials, which you can perform as mental or winning game effects. The base of the effects is to guess, or predict the winning symbol or/ and the number chosen by the spectators.

The winning symbol is the symbol which will be above the spectator's freely chosen number after rotating the disc as many steps as the chosen number, in the direction indicated by the arrows on the disc." There are several issues with this product. It's underwhelming, too procedural, the method is too transparent and it's unfairly overpriced. No redeeming qualities and possibly one of the worst tricks ever created. Craig gave this product -100% while Ryland gave it -Infinity2+1%.

Spirit Fire Clip

Conan Liu and TCC are back with a brand new visual magic trick. This is The Spirit Fire Clip. Penguin Magic states, "You can use it to produce fire safely and reliably in almost any situation. It can be used as a stand-alone effect: pyrokinesis, mind reading, invisible touch, shadow manipulation, time reversal, etc. It can also be used in any of your existing routines." It's really good and it can work within a lot of environments. If you are looking to spook people and add a tool to your dark or trick performance, this is a good one to go with. Craig & Ryland enjoyed this product, awarding it 95% and 100% respectively.

Mental Bell

Next up Craig & Ryland looked at Mental Bell by JL Magic. As the name implies, this trick makes a bell mysteriously ring using the power of your mind. There are so many uses including which-hand routines, combination with other mentalism effects, seances and much more. You can be standing across the stage or room. Craig & Ryland loved this product, giving it 100% each. It's used and the product is high quality.

Love Cards

Another controversial product on this lost episode is Love Cards by O.M.G Studios. According to Saturn Magic, "How to show your love for your lover? It is the Love Card for sure. While the magician displays the card, and tosses it from hand to hand, the card changes into the Love Card. Love Card is an ingenious gimmick that you can carry with you at all times so you are able to perform this miracle anywhere, any time."

It's very fragile, you can't examine the card before & after the routine and people will be able to figure out what's going on. Because it's so poor, no one will want to know how it's done. It solved a problem that didn't exist. It's a classic example of a studio bringing out a trick for the sake of money. Neither Craig or Ryland liked this product, giving it -100% and -Infinity3+1% respectively.The product was later thrown away and has since become an Honest Trailer.

Flight Deck 2.0

The last product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Flight Deck 2.0 by John Kennedy. Vanishing Inc. states, "Cover a cup or glass with a deck of cards, then make coins vanish and magically arrive with a loud clunk inside the glass! Repeat it as often as you like. You can even let a spectator hold the glass when the coin arrives!" It's self-working, very visual, you don't even have to do much and there's no angle problems. It's an incredible trick that everyone should definitely consider checking out. Craig and Ryland awarded it 100% each.


Thank you for reading today's blog. We hope you enjoyed this one off special. If you would like to watch the full Lost Magic Review Show, check out below on Magic TV. Are you intending to get any of these products? Let us know.

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