Thought Transmitter, Gone, 4 Jokers and Frozen In Time | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

On yesterday's Magic Review Show, Craig & Ryland returned to review four new products introduced to the magic community. Every week we look at the latest and greatest magic tricks and give you nothing but the 100% honest truth with no affiliation to any magic company!

Thought Transmitter, Gone, 4 Jokers and Frozen In Time | Craig & Rylands Magic Review Show

To kick off the review show, the first trick we looked at is The Four Jokers by Bernard Bilis. Any who knows Craig knows he loves packet tricks. It's an amazing colourful trick that uses the four Jokers without any palming. We have even performed this trick on a previous episode of Magic Lives! It's a great trick that received an 89% rating from Craig while Ryland gave it a perfect 100%!

The second trick we reviewed is Thought Transmitter Pro V3 by John Cornelius. This trick is as old as the hills but now it's been reintroduced once more! The idea behind this trick is simple: a spectator writes down a word or draws something on the back of his business card. The card is then placed between two opaque cards in an opaque wallet with no way to see inside of the wallet. Now without opening the wallet, the magician is able to divine the instant, the written thought at any time desired. It's a good trick that can create some great reactions. Craig gave this trick a rating of 79% while Ryland loved it and provided a strong 100%!

Magic trick number 3 is GONE by Leo Xing. Another incredible trick you might have seen Craig perform on an episode of Magic Live. The idea behind this trick is a miracle that will fool even the smartest of spectators. A freely chosen, signed card teleports from the deck, to a set of nested envelopes they've been holding on to the whole time. It's a fantastic routine that scored a 98% rating from both Craig and Ryland! There's so much potential behind this trick.

Four our fourth and final trick of this week's review show is a new edition of Frozen In Time by Katsuya Masuda. With this trick you place a photo frame containing a picture of a pocket watch, on the table, facing down. You get the spectator to name their favourite hour and then the photo inside the photo frame is revealed. The time on the watch in the photo exactly matches the spectator's chosen hour. An incredible rating that scored 85% from Craig with a 105% score by Ryland!

And that concludes this week's Magic Review Show. We got to review some incredible tricks and can't wait to see what comes next. Check out the full review with Craig and Ryland below and let us know what you think in the comments! 👇👇👇

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