Chained, Clock Deck, Projection Pen, Presence & More | Craig & Ryland Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned this week with another brand new episode of the Magic Review Show. Here we take a look at the greatest & latest magic routines that have been released to the magic community. This week we looked at Chained, Magicians Projection Pen, Skymember Presents Presence, The Clock Deck and Safe Prediction.

Chained, Clock Deck, Projection Pen, Presence & More | Craig & Ryland Magic Review Show

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of The Magic Review Show, Craig and Ryland review each product and give their own individual rating. Neither magician is associated with a third party. All of their opinions are strictly their own. You don't have to worry about them liking a trick you dislike or vice versa.


The first product Craig & Ryland looked at is Chained by Perry Maynard. According to The Magic Shop's description, "Everyone who has seen this can't believe what is happening right in front of their eyes... With CHAINED you will have the ability to make a coin (US half dollar) penetrate right through a solid neck chain.

But wait, the effect does not stop there. After the coin has penetrated off the chain and the coin has been fully examined by the spectator, you then make the coin magically go right back on to the neck chain. This is truly an astonishing effect to perform and to be seen up close." It's a very visual effect and simple to perform. Craig and Ryland loved this product with both magicians giving Chained a 100% rating.

Magicians Projection Pen

A new magic pen has been introduced by John Horn called Magicians Projection Pen. This is an elegant innocent looking black retractable ballpoint pen which holds the secret of a Batman projection on the top and six of hearts subtly printed on the side. This pen is used by magicians to reveal a superhero that has been selected in a magic trick. You will of course need to know a method to force Batman and the same with the six of hearts. It's a brilliant and creative trick using a simple gimmick. Craig loved this gimmick, awarding it with a 90% rating. Ryland absolutely adored this trick, giving it 1000%.

Skymember Presents Presence

Skymember Presents Presence is a new vanishing effect designed by Abdullah Mahmoud. Penguin Magic states, "A classic system revisited! Imagine... being able to take any small object and vanish it like a true wizard.From the mind of Abdullah Mahmoud, all the way from Egypt, we proudly present "Presence". Presence is not a trick but a classic system that took us 4 years to redefine. It does not only allow you to vanish any small objects with minimal movements. But more than that? It could allow you to make any small objects teleport and appear! And yes you could even make liquid appear out of thin air!" The biggest problem with this product is the trailer is very deceiving. It's not practical, doesn't work and no performer anywhere in the world will use this. It's a simple cash grab. Both Craig & Ryland gave this product -10000000%. Ryland was so disgusted that he went on to cut this product into pieces.

The Clock Deck

Juan Pablo Ibañez presents The Clock Deck, a fantastic new routine that allows you to predict the exact time that was written on a set of cards. Here's how the trick works according to Vanishing Inc. "In your show, you announce that inside a blue case you have a prediction written on red-backed cards. You ask a spectator to start the stopwatch on their phone. At any point between then, and the end of the show, they can stop the timer. It's totally their choice.

Impossibly, you pull out the deck and spread to show only four red cards in the blue deck. On their backs it says "The Time is This". But, that's not the full prediction. On the fronts of the cards, you'll see the numbers (indexes) match the named time. It's like having a digital clock printed on the cards. You can use "Clock Deck" to predict "minutes and seconds" or "hours and minutes". It can truly be any time. You can even use the 24-hour clock format. They can turn the hands of a watch, draw a clock or even just name a time. You can predict any time."

It's a fantastic routine that's very easy to use and you can reset it automatically. Regardless if you are a mentalist or a magician, this is perfect for table-hopping, close-up magic, street magic and even virtual magic. Craig gave this routine a 95% rating while Ryland followed with 100%. It's a very underrated routine. It has since been featured on a Magic Live.

Safe Prediction

The last product reviewed this week is Safe Prediction by Hugo Valenzuela. Saturn Magic states, "The magician shows a safe that cannot be opened. He shows a deck and asks to shuffle for someone. During this action, shake the box of cards. "Inside there is something that will be revealed at the end." He gives this to the spectator who shuffles the deck for him to listen to or hand it over to someone else. Then he asks to hand over three cards from above but the last card for him. (the spectator who shuffled the cards)

The first two assistants enter their playing card password in the safe. Now the assistant who mixes, can open the safe. Inside he will find a prediction that matches his card! But that is not all! The viewer with the box of cards will open this to check that there is a piece of paper (with a date one day earlier) that matches the prediction paper. This shows that the prediction was not manipulated by the magician at any time." This product is not fit for purpose at all. It doesn't work, and even if it did work, it's terrible for performances. It's a disrespectful product to every magician as well as customers. Craig hated this product, giving it a - 1,000,000,000%. He went on to smash this product up with a hammer. Ryland was literally too disappointed to give it a rating.


That's everything we have to review this week. Most of the tricks were fantastic and chances are you will see them again on Magic TV in the future. Until then, stay tuned for next week's review show. You can find the full episode to this week's episode below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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