Beyond Stebbins, Quantum Bend, Invisible Coin, Time Box, Silk Can | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

The father & son team of Craig and Ryland Petty returned this week to review the latest products released into the magic community. This week they review Invisible Coin, Silk Can, The Beyond Stebbins Project, Time Box and Quantum Spoon Bend. Love it or hate it, they will let you know.

Beyond Stebbins, Quantum Bend, Invisible Coin, Time Box, Silk Can | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of The Magic Review Show, Craig and Ryland review each product and give their own individual rating. Neither magician is associated with a third party. All of their opinions are strictly their own. You don't have to worry about them liking a trick you dislike or vice versa.

Invisible Coin

The first product Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Invisible Coin by Nate Kranzo. As a big fan of coin magic, this is something Craig was looking forward to checking out. The concept of this trick has a magician make two coins visually appear under impossible conditions. The description on Penguin Magic states, "A magician “gives” a pair of invisible coins to their spectators. The magician then takes a small glass and places it mouth side down on top of a deck of cards. The first spectator is asked to place their invisible coin on the glass, and the magician will make coins pass through the bottom of the glass, and when they pass through the glass they will become visible. The magician gives the glass a smack and suddenly an actual quarter appears bouncing around inside the glass. The best part? The magician can immediately repeat the trick with the second spectator."

It's a clever and creative routine Nate Kranzo has developed. The set comes with a gimmick you may put inside your deck, allowing you to perform the effect right away. Part of the product also teaches you how to use the gimmick to transform a quarter into a penny. Craig enjoyed this product, giving it a 79% rating. Ryland followed up with a perfect 100% score.

Silk Can

Marcos Cruz is back with more prop magic that is perfect for a kids show. Silk Can gives the magician the ability to make a drink disappear. Penguin Magic states, "Transform a can into patterned silk... show the public a can of soda, place it inside a tube where it shows that it is inside the tube, it gives a magical click and the can has disappeared, transforming into silk stamped with the soda can." If you remember Origami Can from last week's Review Show, you can put together a different routine for your audience. Craig enjoyed this fun magic product, giving it a rating of 85% score while Ryland followed up closely with 95%.

The Beyond Stebbins Project

One of the newest products on this week's show is a new trick by Craig. Introducing The Beyond Stebbins Project. Have you ever heard of The Stebbins Stack? It's one of the easiest stacks to learn but also very versatile. According to the description on Alakazam, "For the first time Craig Petty shares his work on this classic with new routines and a brand new gimmick that allows you to do effects you never thought possible." As this is a product of his own, Craig couldn't review. Ryland enjoyed his father's gimmick, giving it a 120% rating.

The Time Box

Conan Liu & Royce Luo have teamed up to create The Time Box, a wooden prop that looks so light and elegant. It's not just a magic prop, it's a work of art. Based on the description on Alakazam, "Magic is the art of storytelling. Everyone is born a blank slate. However, time and tide wait for no one and people change. But what if we have a time box, which can magically turn back time to make us feel like a child again. Time can cause objects to appear, disappear, restore, or transform into something else. Thus, we created the Time Box, which seemingly allows you to have the power to manipulate time in your show.

Effect: You can use the Time Box to restore broken objects like Conan Liu did in the trailer. Of course, Time Box can do more than just time related presentations. You could use it to create your own routines. It can be used to produce or vanish objects, such as cards, candies, salt, tea, flower petals, etc. Or to transition to your next routine." It's a brilliant product that can quickly arouse the audience's curiosity about the contents of Time Box, immersing them in the unknown mystery. Craig & Ryland gave this product 95% and 95% rating respectively.

Quantum Bend

The final product reviewed this week is Peter Eggink's Quantum Bend. Everyone has seen the spoon bending routine. Peter Eggink introduced Quantum Spoon Bend to have a magician barrow a regularly ungimmicked coffee or tea spoon and cause the metal of said spoon to become liquid right in-between your fingertips. It bends out of shape but restores itself to its original state.

"Without any switches or whatsoever, the VERY SAME spoon is handed back to the spectator for them to keep as an astonishing souvenir! The borrowed spoon bend was never this visual yet VERY easy to perform! It comes complete with a ready to go Quantum Spoon Bend gimmick, practice spoon and online instructional video." Craig wasn't a big fan of this routine, only giving it a 35% rating. Ryland followed with a lower score of 10%.


And that's all of the products reviewed for this week's show. There were some great products included. If you want to check out these products for yourself, simply visit the attached links. You may check out the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig and Ryland in action. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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