Back In Time Deck, Poker Test 2.0, HCC, Mirrorize & iToon | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig and Ryland return with episode 86 of The Magic Review Show. Newer magic products have been released into the magic community. Will they be good or will they be poor? This week Craig and Ryland reviewed The Back In Time Deck, Poker Test 2.0, HCC Coin Set by N2G, Mirrorize and iToon.

Back In Time Deck, Poker Test 2.0, HCC, Mirrorize & iToon | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The best part about the Magic Review Show is that neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their opinions for each product are strictly their own. You might dislike a trick they enjoyed or vice versa. We'll break down each trick and let you know what Craig & Ryland thought about them.

The Back In Time Deck

The first magic product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Mark Traversoni's The Back In Time Deck. This is how the trick works based on Saturn Magic's description. "Imagine performing true magic and travelling back in time... back to a time when bicycle cards were merely fragments from a tree. This is Mark Traversoni's brilliant take on the classic Omni / Phantom deck in which the cards become wood right in the spectator's hands - not a block of wood - but individual wooden cards which can be handled freely.

With just one regular card on top, the Back In Time Deck is extremely foolish and gives you the freedom to really put their card in the middle of the deck - performing a really fair ambitious card before the magical transformation takes place." It's an incredible effect that's easy to do and will have your audience in awestruck. Craig loved this product, giving it a 99% rating while Ryland followed up closely with 95%.

Poker Test 2.0

Erik Casey is determined to deliver an incredibly powerful routine without any sleights that will leave everyone in awestruck. This is Poker Test 2.0. According to Penguin Magic, "Poker Test 2.0 brings new life and possibilities to the original Poker Test trick by using a NEW and versatile method that allows you to fully customize your routines without limitations. This new and versatile gimmick allows for ANY cards to be the “prestige” cards. You can choose a different poker hand, use it for a multiple card revelation, or to produce a four of a kind. The choice is YOURS." Craig and Ryland loved this effect, giving it 100% each.

HCC Coin Set

N2G is back with a brand new coin set. Presenting HCC. Penguin Magic states, "Put two coins in your hand and take out one at a time, but there are always two coins in your hand. Then they disappear and are found in your pocket or purse. This is hopping half, a classic coin magic routine. I'm honored to pay tribute to this classic effect with the version of ancient Chinese coins. This is HCC." Once again, N2G have impressed everyone with their incredible high-quality coin workmanship. Craig, a big fan of coin magic, loved this new set and awarded it with 85%. Ryland loved this set even more, giving it 100%.


Loran has recently introduced a brand new card set called Mirrorize. According to Penguin Magic, "Mirrorize is a classic "Do as I do" effect... but with a twist. A mesmerizing coincidence occurs with mirror cards in the hands of a volunteer! You and a volunteer hold in your hands two packs of five cards each, faces down. You both hold these cards behind your back and randomly choose a card from your respective packs. You and your volunteer exchange cards then replace them face up, in your respective packs.

What a surprise when it is discovered that you and your volunteer have chosen the same card. But that's not all, as a finale all the other cards in both packs are shown to have mirrors on the faces of the cards!" It's a brilliant effect that's easy to do without any force and you can finish clean with an instant reset. The cards are completely examinable as well. Craig awarded this product with 95% while Ryland followed up with 100%.


For the last product of the week, Craig & Ryland reviewed a new application by Bigmagie called iToon. The App App Store description states, "If you enjoy magic tricks and cartoons you will love iToon. This virtual assistant will allow you to find the card chosen by your spectator thanks to VR technology. Very easy to do, runs with your classic Bicycle Rider Back deck. One of the greatest classics of card magic goes fully digital! iToon is the modern version of the famous Card-Toon© by Dan Harlan." It's an incredible application for your iPhone that will allow you to perform a digital version of a classic trick. Craig and Ryland gave this application 105% and 119% respectively, praising its concept and execution.


That's everything reviewed for this week's Magic Review Show. All of the products were fantastic this week. Chances are you will see some of them referenced again in Magic Lives and other episodes. You can watch the full episode below to see Craig and Ryland go in depth with each trick. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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