Boarding Pass, Money Ball, The Awakening & Envelope Opener | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. On episode 102, we got to see reviews & performances of Boarding Pass, The Awakening, Money Ball and Envelope Opener. Each trick was discussed, performed and given an honest rating.

Boarding Pass, Money Ball, The Awakening & Envelope Opener | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig and Ryland give each product their own respective rating. If they like or dislike a product you will know. We aren't associated with any third party magic company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. Let's break down the four products and see what Craig and Ryland think of them.


The first product featured in this week's Magic Review Show is Boarding Pass by Mariano Goni. This is how the trick works according to Penguin Magic's website. "Three different boarding passes are introduced. Each one, the audience is told, goes to a different city. A spectator names ANY city in the world. Yes, no restrictions, no limitations. They select ANY one of the tickets to fly to his chosen city. The other two tickets, when scanned go to different cities... but the chosen one opens the exact google maps location of the spectator!" Craig loves this product, giving it a strong 100% rating. Ryland enjoyed the concept just as much, following closely with 95%.

The Awakening

Dan Harlan has finally released The Awakening. Now you can get this trick for yourself on Penguin Magic. The website states, "The magician clearly shows three pieces of rope: one short, one medium, and one long. The pieces are held very clearly apart. The ropes are counted and visually they change so that they are all the same size. The ropes are clearly held apart, and the magician can even open their hands to show they aren’t hiding any silly knots. The ropes then change back to three different lengths and back to the same length in wildly visual ways." This is easily the trick of the week. Craig gave this product 120%. It's not often he awards products with such a high rating. Ryland followed up closely with 119%.

Money Ball

Nathan Kranzo is back with another visual trick. This is Money Ball. According to Penguin Magic, "Borrow a coin, and then transform it into a super bouncy ball at your fingertips. This offbeat effect is something you are going to want to carry with you all the time. This is a compact trick that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Make your money bounce with Moneyball by Nathan Kranzo." It's a great trick to perform, very visual and easily hidden. Craig and Ryland awarded this product 90% and 95% respectively.

Envelope Opener

The final product featured on this week's Magic Review Show is Envelope Opener by Blake Vogt. Blake's website states, "The perfect opener for any occasion. You get to ask 3 questions and you get to tell the exact same 3 jokes EVERY time you perform this effect. Then... you get to blow the audience away by revealing the exact card they named. There is zero equivoque required. And no special handling for the paper at the end... that card is 100% examinable and hand-out-able. " It's a unique trick with a clever twist no one will have anticipated. Craig awarded this product 100%. Ryland, while still a fan of the product, followed up with 79%.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. The products were amazing this week and you can expect to see these products featured in future videos. You can watch the Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland break down each trick. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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