Switch One, MAGIKUB 2.0, COSMICOIN 2.0 & Repetition | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Welcome to episode 64 of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show. Every week the father & son team review the latest products released to the magic community. Love or hate it, they will let you know. This week they look at Switch One, MAGIKUB 2.0, COSMICOIN 2.0 & Repetition.

Switch One, MAGIKUB 2.0, COSMICOIN 2.0 & Repetition | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The best part about the Magic Review Show is how unbiased Craig & Ryland are. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. If you love a product they dislike or vice versa, that's completely fine. Let's break down the four products they reviewed this week.

Switch One

Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc introduced Switch One. This is considered to be the holy grail of card effects. The magician displays a folded card under an inverted wine glass. They asked someone to name a colour, a suit, and a value, to generate a truly random selection. As the progress continues, the card under the glass is revealed to be the exact card they thought up. It's a brilliant routine with amazing dazzling effects. Craig gave this routine a 98% while Ryland followed up closely with a 99% score.


The second product is MAGIKUB 2.0 by Federico Poeymiro. This is the most controversial product reviewed this week. The idea behind this routine is putting the pieces of a Rubik's Cube in just one second. In the blink of an eye, each side is a different solid colour. It's supposed to be a great quality magical effect to leave your audience speechless. Unfortunately, this was not well received by Craig or Ryland. Craig gave this product a zero percent . As for Ryland, you'll have to see the video itself to see his opinion.


Our next product is another less positively received product called COSMICOIN 2.0 by Alex Soza. This DVD set includes a series of six coin magic routines. The routines included Wild Coin, A.S Transposition, Two Coins Transposition, Spell Bound with a single coin, A.S Spell Bound and Bonus stand-up Wild Coin. 0% from Craig while Ryland followed up with a -50% rating.


The final magic product for this week's show is Repetition by Nathan Kranzo. The magician shows the audience four blue-backed cards, cleanly wiggling the cards between their fingers. The magician puts one card in their pocket or hat to remain in view so they can show the audience the old three-card trick. Magically, a new card is produced at the magician’s fingertips. The card is tossed away so the magician can show the audience the old three-card trick.

The card returns again and again until the magician gives up on trying to get rid of cards. In a twist ending the blue-backed cards are shown to have transformed into red cards. Craig gave it a 85% while Ryland followed up with a 95% rating. If you're looking for a good opener, this is it.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Half of the tricks were great while the other half were not so good. You can check out these products yourselves as well as the full Magic Review Show below. Let us know what you think. If you use these tricks or are planning to incorporate them, let us know!

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