Surprise Change, Mini Cups & Balls, Petroleum & CelebriKey | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland Petty have returned this week to review the latest & greatest magic products released to the community. This week they have looked at Mini Cups and Balls, Petroleum, CelebriKey (Batman) and Surprise Change. These are some great products with no negative feedback at all this week.

Surprise Change, Mini Cups & Balls, Petroleum & CelebriKey | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Neither Craig nor Ryland are associated with a third party. All of their opinions are strictly their own. You might like a product they dislike and vice versa. That's perfectly fine. For now, let's break down the four products they reviewed this week and break them down.

Mini Cups and Balls

The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Mini Cups and Balls by Secret Factory. This product is a miniature cup and ball set for any close-up worker or restaurant magician. Prepare to amaze your spectators as 3 mini balls turn into 3 large balls and then, impossibly, a cup of red beans. The full set comes with two mini brass cups, one magnetic bass cup, one shell cup and four balls (one of which is magnetic). It's a brilliant product with lots of different options. As a big fan of cups & balls, Craig gave this product a respectable 95% rating while Ryland followed up with a 115% score.


For our second product of the week, we reviewed Petroleum by Theory 11 and Max Lukian. The idea is simple: a card is chosen, signed and lost in the deck. The magician then shuffles the cards face up into face down and shows they are mixed on both sides. Without any funny moves, you spread the cards and show they are all now facing the right way, except for their chosen card. Craig & Ryland gave this product the same rating of 79%. While it's very clever and visually stunning, there might be better ways to accomplish the end result.

CelebriKey (Batman)

The third magic product is CelebriKey (Batman) by Matthew Wright, Marvelous-FX Ltd and Jamie Williams. The magician takes a regular key from their pocket and let a spectator hold it. They see and feel it is a regular key before closing their hand around it while keeping it in full view the entire time. The magician does not touch the key again until after the effect is finished. After the spectator chooses a celebrity or superhero from a list of options, they open their hand to find that the key has transformed into a 3D sculpture of the person they selected. Craig gave the gimmick a rating of 90% with Ryland following up with a 98% score. It's super easy to do, feels incredibly organised and has an instant reset.

Surprise Change

The final magic product is perfect for a kid's show. Introducing Surprise Change by Gustavo Raley. This routine has a dollar bill instantly instantly transform into a chocolate egg. It's incredibly easy to use. You'll get everything you need to start performing right away. Craig is a big fan of this routine and gave it a close to a perfect rating of 99%. Ryland followed up with 99 3/4%. If you want to do something for social media magic, this is perfect.

That's all for this week's Magic Review Show. You can check out the full show below to see Craig & Ryland discuss these tricks in depth. Check out and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. 👇👇👇

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