Steven Bridges | The Undisputed King Of Magic On YouTube Speaks Out

Have you ever heard of Steven Bridges? He was once one of the most popular magicians on YouTube, dominating the magic YouTube market way before it was 'cool' to be a magic YouTuber. But after he vanished from all socials, the question remains what happened? The good news is you get to find out why in this week's Talk Magic.

Steven Bridges | The Undisputed King Of Magic On YouTube Speaks Out

Alongside his work on YouTube, Steven Bridges has also become a very popular street performer and for many years could be found on the streets of London entertaining huge crowds. A couple of years ago he vanished from all socials. Nobody had seen or heard from him for a long time. His Youtube channel became dormant with no explanation. So the question is very simple

'What Happened To Steven Bridges?'

In this interview Craig sits down with Steven and talks about why he went away and what he has been doing. They talk about Steven's new venture 'Magical Mastery' as well as looking back on Steven's career. Along the way Steven offers some wonderful advice about Youtube and how you can leverage the platform if you are a magician.

This interview is incredible and well worth watching. You can check out the full interview below on the Magic TV channel as well as our Talk Magic Podcast. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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