Sound Waves by Jay Sankey | Live Performance and Review - The Matt Test

On this week's Tuesday episode, Craig Petty invited Matt to his office for another exclusive episode of The Matt Test. This week Craig performed Sound Waves by Jay Sankey on Matt. After the routines are over, Craig proceeds to ask Matt what he thought of the routine and whether they are any good.

Sound Waves by Jay Sankey | Live Performance and Review - The Matt Test

The Matt test is a series dedicated to Craig Petty testing new magic products on Matt, who works in the sales department at Craig's office. Matt is a huge fan of magic and loves to watch the performances. Nevertheless, he is constantly trying to work out how the tricks are done. Keep in mind that Matt is a really intelligent guy as well. Craig shows Matt a trick and afterwards, Matt shares his thoughts and whether it is any good from his point of view.

If you have never heard of Sound Waves, it is a brand new mind reading technique featuring a custom-printed list featuring the ‘Top 100 Songs of the Decade!’ Craig recently reviewed this on a Review Show Special and was not a fan. To see if his own original rating was justified, Craig wants to see if Matt liked this trick.

You can check out the full performance on Magic TV below. Let us know if you enjoyed the performance. Are you planning to get this product yourself? Were you fooled by Sound Waves? We would love to know in the comments.

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