Replica, Zenith Deck, Remote Viewing Manual & Smart Cubes | Craig & Ryland Magic Review Show #85

Craig & Ryland returned this week with episode 85 of the Magic Review Show. This week has unfortunately been quite a disappointing episode. There were several products that simply were not up to standards. Maybe they might be better received on Review Show Revisited one day, but until then we looked at Replica, Remote Viewing Manuel, The Zenith Deck and Smart Cube PLUS Version.

Replica, Zenith Deck, Remote Viewing Manual & Smart Cubes | Craig & Ryland Magic Review Show #85

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to hear first hand about the newest products released to the Magic Community. Craig & Ryland perform each routine, talk about it in detail and let you know if the routine is good or bad. If you like a product that neither magician liked or vice versa, that's not a problem. Be sure to share your own thoughts. Until then let's break down each routine.


The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Replica by Jimmy Strange. According to Vanishing Inc's. description, "With "Replica", your spectator selects a celebrity. You then remove a lighter from your pocket and wave your finger over the flame. Impossibly, "burnt" and "blistered" onto your fingers is the celebrity they chose. A truly amazing and visual prediction." Buyer Beware: this trick is a simple cash grab and cheaply made. As a result, Craig and Ryland gave this product 0%. However, you may see this on a Review Show Revisited in the future.

Remote Viewing Manual

James Ward has recently introduced Remote Viewing Manual. Unfortunately, this is a longer, more boring version of a classic effect. Vanishing Inc. states, "A book test with a meaningful and powerful presentation from the Magic Circle's award-winning author of Magic With Meaning, James Ward. With your helper playing the part of an enemy spy located elsewhere in the world, you replicate 1950's era government experiments by proving you can leave your body and access top secret information. You will demonstrate the power of remote viewing." The biggest issue with this product is there's way too much to memorise to execute this trick properly and there's no tutorial included. Once more, Craig & Ryland have given this product 0% each.

The Zenith Deck

Manoj Kaushal produced an amazing product a few months back called Switch. Unfortunately, this new product called The Zenith Deck is not up to the same standards. Vanishing Inc. states, ""The Zenith Deck" is an innovative new effect that allows you to make truly impossible predictions. You spread the deck of cards and allow the spectator to name any card. That selection is isolated and the rest of the cards are placed back in the pack. The tuck case is then turned to show that a perfect prediction has been staring them in the face the whole time. There are NO FORCES needed. The custom playing cards also make "The Zenith Deck" super easy to perform and easy to reset for table-hopping or close-up magic." The box included with this trick isn't even examinable. Craig & Ryland gave it 0% once more. Ryland even went on to smash up the box with a hammer. Despite this, Craig's handling of this product has since been uploaded as a Magic Live.

Smart Cube PLUS Version

The last product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Smart Cube PLUS Version by Taiwan Ben. This is the only good trick that has been reviewed for this week. Penguin Magic states, "Smart Cube Plus is a NEW & IMPROVED version of smart cubes. This new version has a SLICKER DESIGN, and has been thoughtfully tweaked to be MORE PORTABLE while STILL MAINTAINING THE IMPACT of its predecessor. This makes Smart Cube Plus the perfect "packs small, plays big" routine for ANY SHOW!" There are seven phases included in this routine. While it is quite lengthy and can be difficult to remember each phase, once you have mastered it, it's incredible to use in parlour, trade shows and older kids shows. Craig enjoyed this product, giving it a 79% rating. Ryland was even more impressed, awarding it with 119%. It's very visual and unique.


That concludes everything for this week's Magic Review Show. There were some very poor routines this week. We hope next week's Magic Review Show will see some better received routines. Until then you can watch the full Magic Review Show below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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