Sheer Luck, Quiver Routines, Coin Magic, Perseus Arkomanis, Live Commentary & More | 5x5

On this week's episode of Magic 5x5, Craig Petty covers a full live performance of Sheer Luck, talks about The Quiver and even showcases a sneak peek to an upcoming interview on Talk Magic coming this Saturday with Perseus Arkomanis.

Sheer Luck, Quiver Routines, Coin Magic, Perseus Arkomanis, Live Commentary & More | 5x5

If you have never watched Magic 5x5 before, the concept is simple. Craig has five different subjects of magic to break down. He is given five minutes per subject. There is a timer within the corner of the video. When the timer runs out, Craig immediately moves onto the next subject. The episodes are always fun and snappy. In this week's 5 x 5 Craig covers the following topics:

1. You see a live performance on stage of Craig performing Sheer Luck by Shawn Farquhar and also Ring In gumball machine which is an absolute classic of magic.

2. We play the same live performance but this time with a live commentary over the top of the footage. Craig talks about linking routines together, handling spectators, blocking, body turns, time misdirection and building to a huge round of applause.

3. You see a sneak peek of an interview with Perseus Arkomanis which will be dropping on Magic TV on Saturday. Perseus is a great thinker of magic and knows more about scripting than almost anyone. In this clip he talks about how to make a performance unique but the full interview will be dropping on Saturday.

4. Craig talks about The Quiver. He gives some extra ideas that take one of his routines from a 'good trick' to an absolute miracle. If you perform ATM off Craig's Quiver Video you really want to watch this.

5. Craig talks about a website where you can create custom half dollars very cheaply. He talks about how you can use these in a magic performance and even teaches a switch that will make your coin routine really magical.

You may check out the full episode of Magic 5x5 below. Don't forget to leave us a comment on what you think.

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