Cards Across Live Performance, Awesome Kids Show Idea, Self Tying Shoelaces & More | 5x5

For this week's Magic 5x5, Craig Petty showcases more live performances with a commentary track included to help you understand the process of a performance. This week's episode also includes a new version of a very old trick and even a deck review for a new deck of cards by Theory 11.

Cards Across Live Performance, Awesome Kids Show Idea, Self Tying Shoelaces & More | 5x5

The concept of this video is simple. Craig talks about five different subjects. He gives himself five minutes to talk about each topic. There is a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. When the timer hits zero Craig moves onto another topic. 5x5 is always quick and snappy and you never know what you are going to get. Let's break down everything Craig covered this week.

1. You get to see a full live performance of Craig at a Charity Dinner. He is performing in a banquet situation and performs the classic handling of the cards across. This is a great routine to perform in this environment.

2. We replay the same performance footage but this time with a commentary track over the top. Craig talks about performing in a banquet situation, working a table, holding out cards and handling spectators.

3. Craig spotlights a new version of a very old trick called The Coin Tray. The coin tray has been around for years. However there are so many things you can do with this simple prop it's insane. Craig performs a routine with the prop and talks about different things you can do with it.

4. Craig talks about The Self Tying Shoe Laces which were very popular many years ago but you don't see many people performing the trick any more. Craig talks about how you can use the prop in a kids show to really create the WOW Factor right at the beginning of your show.

5. Craig does a deck review and looks at a new deck of cards from Theory 11. The Grateful Dead deck is really quite a unique pack of cards. Craig takes the deck through its paces.

That's everything for this week's Magic 5x5. You can see Craig in action by watching the full episode below. Don't forget to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading today's blog. Stay tuned for the Netrix launching very soon.

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