Latex Cube, Exploding Glass & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. On episode 82 we got to see reviews & performances of The What When & Where Wallet, Latex Cube Gimmick, Black Cross, Both Sides Against The Middle and Self Exploding Glass. Each trick was discussed, performed and given an honest rating.

Latex Cube, Exploding Glass & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the latest & greatest products released to the magic community. Craig and Ryland perform every trick they review so you can see exactly how the routine looks and they are always 100% honest. If they like it or hate it you will know. Let's break down this week's show.

The What When & Where Wallet

The first trick Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is The What, Where, When & Why Wallet by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Productions. According to Penguin Magic, "A fun packet trick with an interesting script and an impossible prediction. You show the spectator four playing cards that come out of a wallet. You ask them to look them over and think of just one. You show them that you had predicted this exact outcome by revealing your prediction in the wallet in a very surprising manner." It's a brilliant product and easily one of the best magic wallets ever produced. Craig & Ryland loved this wallet, awarding it with a 98% rating each.

Latex Cube Gimmick

SYOUMA is back with another brand new product originally designed by Tejinaya. Introducing The Latex Cube Gimmick. As the name implies, this is a Rubik's Cube made of latex. Alakazam Magic states, "This allows you to do the magic in a variety of ways with the cube. Put the mixed cubes in a paper bag that shows that it is completely empty, and the cube is solved in an instant. The cube disappears in a moment. Simply solve the mixed cubes etc." Craig gave this product an 80% rating, citing that while the tutorial isn't good, the prop itself is very well made and if you have an idea that incorporates the Cube, you may create something amazing. Ryland loved this product more, giving it a 119% rating.

Black Cross

Mickael Chatelain has recently introduced Black Cross. This new routine may seem like CGI, but it is very much real. Vanishing Inc. states, "You start by introducing a deck of cards and allowing the spectator to freely choose a playing card. The spectator is then instructed to mark the face of the card before it's lost in the deck.The deck is then tabled and another card is picked up. You draw a black "X" ("cross") on this card. They can very clearly see it's a permanent marking. But, with a quick snap of your fingers, this marking disappears. It's truly a mindblowing moment of visual magic. This mark didn't just disappear though. It teleported.

You then spread through the playing cards until you get to a card with a marking on the back (you can even let them do this if you'd like). It's truly the only playing card in the deck that has been marked. They won't believe it when you flip over the card to show it's their freely selected and marked card." It's a well-made gimmick and showcases Mickael's amazing ability to rewrite the rules of visual magic again. Craig awarded this gimmick with 90% while Ryland followed up with 99%.

Both Sides Against The Middle

Dan Harlan is back with another brand new open prediction routine. This one has been designed as two open predictions where all the work happens in your spectator’s hands. Penguin Magic describes the routine as follows, "The audience is given a deck of cards to shuffle and examine before the trick begins while they openly place a prediction on the table. The magician then hands the spectator the deck to shuffle underneath the table. They take any card they want out of the deck, turn it face up, and then put it back in the deck. They can then shuffle the deck again, still under the table, before placing the deck back on the table.

The deck is spread, and despite the deck being under the audience’s control the entire time, when the deck is spread, the only card face up in the deck is the same one written on the prediction. The face-up card is removed from the deck along with the cards on either side. The audience freely selects either of the cards surrounding the predictions. That card is turned over, and it matches another prediction that has been written on the other side of the original open prediction." It's an amazing prediction routine that's great for close-up or table hopping. Craig gave this routine 90%, praising its concept and execution. Ryland followed up with 100%

Self Exploding Glass

The last product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Self Exploding Glass by Wance. As the name implies, this is a self-exploding glass that has been designed to be stable with reliable quality. Magic World states, "A spectator is encouraged to inspect a glass to make sure that it is solid. It is bashed with a wand showing it to be virtually indestructible. Magician takes the glass back and then it will explode in pieces with your mind power. The shocked looks on your spectator’s face will be unbelievable!" The trick does exactly what it describes and will leave your audience amazed. Craig & Ryland awarded this prop a 90% and 119% rating respectively.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. The products were amazing this week and you can expect to see these products featured in future videos. You can watch the Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland break down each trick. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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