Zoltar Speaks, Color Stix & Acro Index Stage Size | Review Show Revisited

Craig Petty returned this week with episode 4 of our brand new show on Magic TV. For this week's Review Show Revisited, Craig & Ryland look back on Zoltar Speaks, Acro Index Stage Size & Color Stix. These tricks were taken and performed in the real world. Depending on the crowd's reaction, their original rating may change.

Zoltar Speaks, Color Stix & Acro Index Stage Size | Review Show Revisited

This new series allows you to see a live performance of a previously reviewed product. After the performance, Craig talks about the experience and whether that affects the percentage that it was awarded originally. You can never really know what a product is like 100% for certain until it has been performed in the real world.

Zoltar Speaks

The first routine we revisited is Zoltar Speaks from episode 67 of The Magic Review Show. This is the latest trick by Peter Nardi. When Peter did mix & mingle, he used to use an invisible deck as his opener for his set. Peter needed a new opener for his mix & mingle set. It's a very simple prediction of a card but this allows the magician to predict the card that the spectator names that they are free to choose from without any force. Craig gave this product a 93% while Ryland followed up with a 120%. It's a great opener that's super commercial and over very quickly. For his revisited rating, Craig has since moved up to a perfect 100%.

Acro Index Stage Size

On one of our Magic 5x5 episodes, Craig Petty reviewed Blake Vogt's Acro Index Stage Size. Blake Vogt has modified his Acro Index to an amazing reusable dry erase version. This allows you to use a seemingly innocent index card to perform an incredible visual change of anything into anything. The routine is so visual it's unreal.

Blake Vogt's website goes on to explain, "The standard version is great for close-up magic or street magic, while the large version is best suited for parlour or stage magic performances. Either version also makes a great addition to any virtual magic show." It is completely self-working with endless possibilities. In his original review, Craig gave Acro Index Stage Size a 100% rating. After performing this routine within the real world, his rating remains the same.

Color Stix

The last routine revisited this week is Eric Steven's Color Stix. Craig awarded this product with Download of the Year. Color Stix is completely different to the classic Hot Rod effect. For any close up magic performer, this is definitely a routine you should consider adding into your act. Vanishing Inc. states, "Color Stix is professional quality, masterfully structured routine using a Hot Rod that is highly visual and incredibly engaging. You’ll be able to make the Hot Rod magically change, visually multiply, vanish and then reappear in impossible locations."

It's a brilliant routine using nothing more than a single prop. In his original review, Craig awarded Color Stix with a perfect 100%. Performing with this product to a real audience has received great results. But even so, Craig's original rating remains the same.


That's everything for this week's Review Show Revisited. It goes to show you never know what a routine is really like until you perform it within the real world. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below. Let us know what you think of these routines. Stay tuned for next week's show.

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