Echo Box, Time Prediction from Visible and 4K Color Box | Review Show Revisited

Craig Petty returned this week with another episode from our brand new show on Magic TV. For this week's Review Show Revisited, Craig & Ryland look back on Echo Box, Time Prediction from Visible and 4K Color Box These tricks were taken and performed in the real world. Depending on the crowd's reaction, Craig or Ryland's original rating may change.

Echo Box, Time Prediction from Visible and 4K Color Box | Review Show Revisited

This series allows you to see a live performance of a previously reviewed product. After the performance, Craig talks about the experience and whether that affects the percentage that it was awarded originally. You can never really know what a product is like 100% for certain until it has been performed in the real world. Let's break down everything reviewed in this week's episode.

Echo Box

For the first product, Craig revisited Menzi Magic's Echo Box. This product was first reviewed on episode 58 of The Magic Review Show. If you're unfamiliar with Echo Box, this routine has lots of creative ways for coin magic. You can make a coin appear in the coin box or transfer a coin into the coin box and hear the coin pass through the slide and fall into the box. Just a shake, then vanish, appear & much more. There's no magnet, no clue, no special coin. It's a high quality design that comes with four techniques, five effects and three routines. Craig enjoyed this product during his original review, awarding it with a perfect 100% rating. After proving how amazing it is within the real world, Craig's original rating remains the same.

Time Prediction

A lot of people have been asking Craig to look back at a project of his own featured in episode 63 of The Magic Review Show. Of course, Craig is going to be biased towards his own project. This routine contains over four hours worth of content, but the one people have been asking for is Time Prediction. This is one of several tricks featured in Craig's Visible. A methodically crafted method allows you to easily reveal both a thought-of playing card and a precise time (which is written on the card). This routine allows you to reveal not only a thought of a playing card, but a precise time written on the very same card. The original review received a 120% rating. The routine has since been performed for a live audience, receiving amazing reactions. Craig's rating still remains 120%.

4K Color Box / Colour Vision

The last product Craig looked back on is Brent Braun's 4K Color Vision Box. Craig & Ryland reviewed this product during episode 65 of The Magic Review Show. According to Brent Braun, "4K Color Vision is a multi-phase, jaw-dropping feat of mind reading that can be carried in your pocket. The die is placed inside the opaque box with one color facing up. You're able to guess which color it is every time. Each phase is more impossible than the last. You can even name the color when the spectator has placed the die into the box behind their back. Nobody in the room knows the color. Yet, you can still guess it correctly without even needing to touch the box." It's a brilliant and creative product that deserves recognition. Craig enjoyed this product and gave it an 89% rating during his original review. After introducing this product into the real world, he has since moved his rating up to a perfect 100%.


And there you have it. It goes to show you never truly know what a magic product is like until you perform it within the real world. You can check out the full episode below to see Craig & Ryland performing each trick in the real world while simultaneously explaining their reasoning for the ratings. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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