Siri x Pro, Guess by Jamie Dawes and Out Of This Zip Code | Review Show Revisited #3

Craig Petty returned this week with another brand new Review Show Revisited. This week we look back at Siri X Pro, Guess and Out Of This Zip Code. These products were taken into the real world and performed for a live audience. Depending on the reaction, Craig or Ryland's original rating may change.

Siri x Pro, Guess by Jamie Dawes and Out Of This Zip Code | Review Show Revisited #3

The problem with reviewing magic products is you never know what it's like 100% unless you perform it for real people. Performing for a live audience gives you a better insight on the routine and allows a magician to share their experience afterwards. Whether it's a product from the Magic Review Show, Review Show Special or even a review from 5x5, you'll finally get to see how they are received.

Siri X Pro

During episode 70 of The Magic Review Show, one of the most well received products Craig & Ryland looked at is Hanson Chien's Siri X Pro. Hanson Chien took Mariano Goni's and Mago Murphy's SiriX one step further by introducing Siri X Pro, allowing you to vanish a phone into thin air. This new version lets you show the phone's camera before the phone vanishes and the case looks the same as the case after putting the Siri X gimmick inside. Not only can you make the phone vanish, but you can make it into a transparent phone as well.

There are multiple routines you can accomplish with Siri X Pro. This trick is great for close up performances and parlour shows. In addition to vanishing the phone, you can even put any bill inside the case and make it vanish. Both Craig & Ryland really enjoyed this routine, awarding it a 100% and 105% rating respectively on their original review. After performing to a live audience using Siri X Pro, Craig's rating still remains 100%. It still stands up and is absolutely worth getting for yourself.

Out Of This Zip Code

A couple of weeks ago we uploaded a Review Show Special dedicated to Penguin Magic. One of the products Craig reviewed then was Erik Tait's Out Of This Zip Code. This is without a doubt one of the strongest effects you can do with a borrowed deck of cards. Penguin Magic goes on to state, "While the deck is face down an audience member points to the backs of the cards which ones they think are red, and which ones are black. They are correct every single time. It’s been a reputation maker for many magicians, and now Erik Tait is tipping the full and complete work on a handling that he uses to wreck laypeople. This is Out Of This Zip Code by Erik Tait."

It's a brilliant and creative routine with a very cooling effect. The download allows you to learn two different handlings: the easy version and a challenging version. You'll also learn the secrets to some very challenging sleight of hands as well. Very impressed with this routine, Craig originally awarded it with a 100% score. Now that he's had the opportunity to perform this for a real life audience, the reactions were very well received. Craig has since increased his original rating up to 110%.


One of the products Craig & Ryland looked at on episode 69 of the Magic Review Show was Jamie Daws' Guess. Everyone has heard of the popular game Guess Who. That's why Jamie Daws has teamed up with Kaymar Magic to introduce a killer commercial idea based off this game called GUESS. Kaymar Magic description states, "The cards are marked, with an ingenious system that is very easy to read, so that you can reveal the person someone has chosen in a myriad of ways.

On the included online video, Jamie Daws and Liam Montier take you through a barrage of different tricks, including predictions, revelations and transpositions using the cards, and giving you options on how to put a routine of effects together, using just a tiny packet of cards that sit in your pocket or wallet. Not only that, but Jamie has also included a fabulous method of predicting a person's thoughts, which he uses to end his routine!  It's a show stopper, and will fool EVERYONE!"

It's a unique and clever routine of making all manner of routines more commercial, allowing you to replace regular cards, ESP cards and tarot cards with many other effects. Craig and Ryland awarded this routine a respective 95% and 119% rating on their original review. Ryland performed this routine for a real audience who enjoyed its clever presentation. Craig still enjoys this product, only increasing his rating very slightly.


And that's everything Craig Petty has looked back on for this week's Review Show Revisited. The tricks this week were already well received during their original rating. Now that they have been performed within the real world, this further proves a real life audience can make the difference between a successful product and a poor one. You can check out the full episode on Magic TV below. Are you intending to perform any of these tricks? Let us know in the comments.

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