Review Show Revisited Episode 1 | Tommy Wonder Ring Box, CineMagic & What Happens In Vegas

Craig Petty returned this week with a brand new series on Magic TV. This is episode 1 of Review Show Revisited. You've seen Craig & Ryland review products on their Magic Review Show. On occasion there's also reviews on 5x5 and Review Show Specials. This brand new show has Craig & Ryland revisit products previously reviewed by performing them in the real world to real people.

Review Show Revisited Episode 1 | Tommy Wonder Ring Box, CineMagic & What Happens In Vegas

You can't really know what a product is like 100% for sure unless you perform it for real people. That's exactly what you're going to see. Craig looks back at the products and showcases a live performance of either himself or Ryland performing it within the real world. You get to see the live performance with commentary track over the top. Afterwards, Craig shares the experience of the live performance and whether that affects their original rating. The three routines they will be revisiting this week are Alakazam's What Happens In Vegas, Gustavo Raley's Cinemagic and JM Craft's Tommy Wonder Ring Box.

What Happens In Vegas

During episode 10 of The Magic Review Show, one of the routines Craig & Ryland reviewed was an Alakazam product called What Happens In Vegas. This is a brilliant self working masterpiece Liam Montier has crafted by combining beautiful props with a killer routine. According to the description on Alakazam, "Never before has this type of effect been this fooling! What Happens In Vegas is a brand new take on our classic and best selling effect Dual Match. A beautiful deck of Vegas Casino Souvenir cards are shown. Each back represents a different casino (the deck is colourful and eye-catching)."

The routine comes with a complete custom deck, a high quality custom poker chip and even a full video tutorial. On their original review, Craig enjoyed this routine and gave it a rating of 95%. Ryland was even bigger, citing it with a 1000% rating. After performing this routine within the real world, Craig increased his rating up to a perfect 100%.

Tommy Wonder Classic Collection

On episode 67 of The Magic Review Show, Craig & Ryland looked at Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Ring Box by JM Craft. Tommy Wonder is best known for his incredible Collection Ring Box he used In The Books of Wonder and Visions of Wonder. JM Craft has carefully crafted a perfect replica. Vanishing Inc Magic states, "So out of deep reverence and love for Tommy Wonder, Jim Craft has reconstructed all the details of Tommy Wonder's props to an almost stubborn point.

This is as close to a true replica of the set used by Tommy Wonder as you can get. Tommy Wonders spirit flows freely through all these expertly crafted props." As a big fan of Tommy Wonder's work, Craig enjoyed this replica as did Ryland. In his original review, both Craig & Ryland awarded the collection with a perfect 100% each. For his revisited rating, Craig has awarded it with a 120% rating.


Episode 67 also included Craig & Ryland reviewing a new visual, move-based experience by Gustavo Raley called CineMagic. Vanishing Inc. Magic describes the act as, "A movie ticket is introduced as a prediction. You then show a variety of different tickets with a blank screen on one side and then a movie and seat number on the other.

The spectator selects one of the tickets and is amazed to see it matches your prediction. But, that's just ONE part of this incredible effect. As an amazing kicker ending, you then put all the tickets together (which, remember, initially had a blank movie screen on them) and riffle through them like a flipbook to show a scene from the spectator's selected movie."

During their original review, Craig praised this product and gave it a 90% rating. Ryland enjoyed it more, awarding it with a 119% rating. Since revisiting the routine a second time and performing it within the real world, Craig's opinion has changed, moving his rating up towards 100%.


And there you have it. Everything revisited this week has received a higher rating than before after being performed in the real world. It goes to show how opinions can change when revisited and performed in a different scenario. We're super thrilled about this new series and look forward to producing future episodes. Watch the full episode below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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