Review Show Revisited Episode 2 | The Call by Wayne Dobson & The Doozie Deck by Steve Lancaster

On this week's episode of Review Show Revisited, Craig Petty is back to look back on magic products he has reviewed on The Magic Review Show. This week he revisits The Magic Review Show that featured Wayne Dobson's The Call & Steve Lancaster's Doozie Deck. Now you will get to see these routines performed within the real world.

Review Show Revisited Episode 2 | The Call by Wayne Dobson & The Doozie Deck by Steve Lancaster

You never know what a magic product is really like for certain until you perform it for real people. With these products he has reviewed in the past, Craig takes them with him and performs them for a live audience at a show. You will see the performance live with a commentary track over the top. Afterwards, Craig shares his experience and lets you know if his original rating has changed.

Doozie Deck

The first revisited routine this week is Doozie Deck by Steve Lancaster and Clint Smith. This trick uses a deck of cards that is shown to be fairly mixed before a card is selected. The card is then lost in the deck before being found by the magician. Following this the rest of the deck suddenly turns blank before suddenly being fully restored with a quick magical gesture.

This trick had some great instructions but there are many different ways this routine could be better accomplished. As a result Craig gave this trick a 10% with Ryland following with 50%. Craig performed this routine to a live audience. To his surprise, the reactions were well received. His original rating has massively jumped from 10% to 90%, far higher than the original review score.

The Call

The second trick Craig revisits this week is The Call by Wayne Dobson. The idea behind this trick is simple. A card is thought of by your spectator and then you use their new 'phone' and ask a few questions with Yes or No answers. Comedy is built into this wonderful effect and at the end, the performer reveals the thought of the card from a mere ‘phone call.' It's a brilliant trick that both Craig & Ryland gave a strong 99% rating in their original review. After performing it within the real world, Craig's original rating has increased from 100% to 110%.


That's all for this week's Review Show Revisited. As evident by Doozie Deck, it goes to show how a magic product originally comes across as poorly designed but is actually well structured when performed for real people. You can watch the full episode of Review Show Revisited below. Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

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