Any Card by Richard Sanders, Clued Up by Jamie Dawes & What, Where, & Why | Review Show Revisited

Craig Petty has finally returned with a brand new episode of The Review Show Revisited. This week he is looking back on The What When & Where Wallet, Any Card and Clued Up. These tricks were taken and performed in the real world. Depending on the crowd's reaction, Craig's original rating may change.

Any Card by Richard Sanders, Clued Up by Jamie Dawes & What, Where, & Why | Review Show Revisited

This new series allows you to see a live performance of a previously reviewed product. After the performance, Craig talks about the experience and whether that affects the percentage that it was awarded originally. You can never really know what a product is like 100% for certain until it has been performed in the real world.

The What, Where, When & Why Wallet

The first trick Craig looked back on is The What, Where, When & Why Wallet by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Productions. This product was reviewed on episode 82 of The Magic Review Show. According to Penguin Magic, "A fun packet trick with an interesting script and an impossible prediction. You show the spectator four playing cards that come out of a wallet. You ask them to look them over and think of just one. You show them that you had predicted this exact outcome by revealing your prediction in the wallet in a very surprising manner." It's a brilliant product and easily one of the best magic wallets ever produced. Craig & Ryland loved this wallet, awarding it with a 98% rating each. After taking this wallet and performing it within the real world, Craig has bumped his rating up to a perfect 100%.

Any Card

On our very first episode of Magic 5x5, Craig Petty highlighted three of Richard Sanders' best tricks. One of these tricks was Richard Sanders' Any Card. With this routine you will allow your spectator to name any card of their choice without any force, psychological or otherwise. Let's say your audience member decides to name the two of clubs. The magician unboxes the deck and fans through the cards while explaining that they have reversed the four aces in the deck previously because you were sure they were going to pick ace.

As you continue to act disappointed, you turn over the four aces, revealing each card has a word written on the back. The. Two. Of. Clubs. One word on each ace. This routine is really unique because any card can literally be named, there's no bad angles, works with any language and can be instantly reset. Craig has always given this product a perfect 100% rating. Now that he's taken this product into the real world, his rating has now changed to 120%.

Clued Up

On one of the earlier episodes of The Magic Review Show, Craig & Ryland reviewed Clued Up by Jamie Dawes. Alakazam Magic states, "Imagine letting your spectator freely choose a suspect, a weapon and a location and being able to prove you knew all along! Cluedo© has been a popular plot for both magicians and mentalists for many years but never has it been more simple and direct as Clued Up. Jamie has taken a classic method and combined it with a very commercial plot to create what we believe is the most direct and versatile version of this premise ever! Clued Up may be performed close up, parlour, stage and even on your Zoom shows." Craig loved this product and gave it a 95% rating. After Ryland performed Clued Up for the office team, Craig's opinion changed. His rating has now bumped up to 120%.


That's all for this week's Review Show Revisited. It goes to show you never truly know what a magic trick is like until it has been performed for a real audience. If you would like to watch the full episode, check it out on Magic TV below.

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