Celbrikey and Stroop Test | Review Show Revisited Episode #6

Craig Petty returns this week with another new episode from our brand new series. This week's Review Show Revisited looks back on Matthew Wright & Jamie Williams' Celbrikey and David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis's Stroop Test. These products were once reviewed on The Magic Review Show. Now they have been taken into the real world to be performed for a live audience.

Celbrikey and Stroop Test | Review Show Revisited Episode #6

You never really know what a magic product is like until you perform it in the real world. There's been hundreds of tricks Craig may have given a low rating in the past. But after seeing how well they were received by a live audience, Craig's original rating may change. It's the perfect opportunity to test a product and see if the original first impression mattered. Let's break down the two products revisited for this week's show.


The first magic product Craig Petty looked back on is Celbrikey. This was originally reviewed on episode 67 of The Magic Review Show. The idea behind this routine has a magician take a regular key from their pocket and let a spectator hold it. They see and feel it is a regular key before closing their hand around it while keeping it in full view the entire time. The magician does not touch the key again until after the effect is finished.

After the spectator chooses a celebrity or superhero from a list of options, they open their hand to find that the key has transformed into a 3D sculpture of the person they selected. Craig gave the gimmick a rating of 90% during his first review with Ryland following up with a 98% score. Upon performing it within the real world, Craig has moved his rating up towards 100%. Celbrikey is super easy to do, feels incredibly organised and has an instant reset.

Stroop Test

Episode 60 of The Magic Review Show included Stroop Test. This is a brilliant super commercial product that's very engaging and easy to do. You can instantly reset the routine. It's clean, simple and very practical. According to Penguin Magic, "Predict the future using a simple psychological experiment that your audience won’t see coming. Created by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis, this effect blends real science with real magic to predict your spectator’s choices 100% of the time. This is The Stroop Test." Craig and Ryland enjoyed this product, giving it an 85% and 95% rating respectively. After performing this for a live audience, Craig has furthered increased his rating to 100%. It works very well and is highly recommended by Craig.


And there you have it. It goes to show you never really know what a trick is like until you have performed it for a live audience. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below to see Craig perform for a live audience while explaining his reasoning for changing his rating. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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