Birthday Deck, Socks and Papa Rabbit Hits The Big Time | Review Show Revisited

On this week's Review Show Revisited, Craig & Ryland look back on a series of magic tricks that were once reviewed on the Magic Review Show. These tricks are taken and performed for a real life audience. Depending on the reactions,Craig & Ryland's original review may change. The routines we look back on this week are Birthday Deck, Socks and Papa Rabbit Hits The Big Time.

Birthday Deck, Socks and Papa Rabbit Hits The Big Time | Review Show Revisited

The Review Show Revisited allows you to see a live performance of a previously reviewed product. After the performance, Craig talks about the experience and whether that affects the percentage that it was awarded originally. You can never really know what a product is like 100% for certain until it has been performed in the real world. Let's break down each routine and their revisited rating.

Birthday Deck

The first routine we looked back on is Liam Montier's Birthday Deck. This trick was reviewed during episode 47 of The Magic Review Show. As the name suggests the concept behind this trick is the performer predicts their spectator's birthday. No sleight of hand, no pre show and works with ANY Birthday. Craig reviewed this product with a rating of 90% with Ryland giving it a perfect 100% score. After taking this routine and performing it within the real world, Craig has since bumped up his rating to a perfect 100% as well.


During episode 72 of The Magic Review Show, Craig & Ryland looked at a Halloween Edition of Michael Huot's Socks. This week Craig revisited the original version. He's a big fan of Socks, having performed it for a long time. The routine features two packets of specially-printed sock cards. Each card has a different sock on it. Despite the fact they are randomly mixed and your spectator decides when you will stop dealing through them, the magician somehow manages to find the only matching pair. But that's what you think you did.

Vanishing Inc. goes onto state, "Until you turn over the two cards and find they stopped on two cards that don’t match. Luckily, you’re a magician who can fix this. That’s when you lift up your pant legs and reveal that you’re actually wearing the exact mis-matched pair of socks they stopped on." It's very visual, surprisingly and memorable. Craig awarded this routine with 100% while Ryland followed up with 119%. After performing Socks to a real audience and seeing how great their reactions were, Craig's original rating remains the same.

Papa Rabbit Hits The Big Time

The last routine revisited for this week is Daryl's Papa Rabbit Hits The Big Time. This product was featured in episode 69 of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show. This unique product includes sponge bunnies and birds with detailed handling and is an overall hilarious routine. The description on PropDog states, "There is no stronger magic than something that happens in the spectators hands! Daryl's timeless sponge routine is perfect for ALL venues! The fun begins when a sponge rabbit and a little bird are magically produced. A super-clean and baffling transposition is performed between the rabbit and the bird followed by a hilarious comedy routine that will get your audience on their feet!"

It's a clever and creative routine that makes the sponges appear and disappear in the bands of either the magician or the spectator. Each step catches your audience off guard. As a big finale you can make a large handful of baby bunnies magically appear in the audience member's tightly clenched fist. Both Craig & Ryland loved this routine, awarding it with a 95% rating. After taking Papa Rabbit and performing it to a live audience, the reactions were golden. Craig has since pushed his original 95% up to a perfect 100%.


And that concludes this week's Review Show Revisited. This goes to show you never know what a magic trick is truly like until you perform it for a live audience. Check out the full episode on Magic TV below. Are you planning to get any of these products? Let us know in the comments.

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