Can I Rant Without Cursing? | Magic Q&A With Craig Petty

Welcome back to another brand new episode of Magic Q&A with Craig Petty on the Magic TV channel. Every week Craig takes the questions you have asked him throughout the week and answers them to the best of his ability. One of the big questions asked this week is can Craig rant without swearing?

Can I Rant Without Cursing? | Magic Q&A With Craig Petty

Alongside this huge question, Craig answers the following questions below. If you have any questions you would like Craig to answer in next week's episode, just let us know in the comments and we'll get them answered!

1. How do you practice your magic? What's the best way to practice?

2. Best tricks to hobbyists to perform to co-workers in the office etc?

3. Can you rant without cursing?

4. Best place to get Craig Petty products?

5. Top 3 skills that you have learnt as a magician that are transferable to the 'real world'

6. Any advice on breaking into the Holiday Park Circuit or the Cruise Liner circuit?

7. How to recent your props between groups when performing close up magic

8. Do you prefer performing close up magic or magic on stage?

9. If there was a Talk Magic interview with Craig Petty who would you like to do the interview?

10. Real Man's Speed Loader Vs F.P.S Wallet.  Which is better?

11. How did you get into magic?  Why did you come back to the magic community after leaving?

12. Videos on Love Cards, Time Management and Product Development

13. What is the best way to think like a Layman?

14. What are your thoughts on Chris Ramsay?

15. Thoughts on Magic That Challenges Spectators Rather Than Empowering Them?

16. Can You Get Brad Burton on the channel to talk about Public Speaking?

Remember to leave a question down in the comments. Thanks for watching and we look forward to hearing from you soon! 👇👇👇 

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