Name It, Random Happenings, Wow Vision and Sensation | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned this week with another brand new episode of The Magic Review Show. We look at the latest and greatest magic tricks released to the magic community and give you nothing but the honest truth. This week we looked at Name It, Random Happenings, Wow Vision and Sensation.

Name It, Random Happenings, Wow Vision and Sensation | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The first trick we reviewed this week is Name It by Thomas Riboulet & Magic Dream. The idea behind this concept is it's supposed to be a high-impact modern take on a classic and magic plot that ends on a truly magical finale. The finale will leave every audience questioning if they have the power over their own choices. Craig expressed mixed thoughts on this product and gave it a 50%, citing that while he liked the trick, there were too many limitations in place. On the other hand, Ryland liked this trick and gave it a 95% rating.

Trick number 2 is Wow Vision by Masuda, Nick Einhorn & Craig Squires. This is the next generation of the Wow Vision routine, designed to be super visual. There's a lot more to this gimmick than meets the eye. It goes in your pocket, instant reset and ready to go! Craig loves this trick and gave it a 100% rating, something that doesn't happen often. Ryland followed up with a close 98% rating as well.

For our third trick of the week, we looked at is Sensation by Mickael Chatelain. Imagine removing a small pebble out of your pocket for your audience to see. The small pebble has a strange sensation to it that pushes you towards it and not any other. You've kept this pebble as a lucky charm. As you pass it around for your audience to look at, you take out 3 small empty matchboxes. The pebble is placed in one and you'll know which one because of the sensation that follows. It's a brilliant trick that Craig gave another 100% rating for. Two in one show! As for Ryland, he gave the trick a rating of 60%.

The fourth and final trick that Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Random Happenings by Ryan Schlutz and Abstract Effects. A book test that's unlike any other, your spectator gets to completely tear this book apart, shuffling and ripping the pages as they go. The beauty of Random Happenings is the book completely resets and goes back to new within minutes after being torn apart. Crazy, right?! This is a brilliant trick that Craig gave another perfect 100% rating for with Ryland following up with a close 98%!

And that's everything we have to review on this week's Magic Review Show. We got to review some great products and look forward to seeing what will be reviewed next week. Check out the full episode of this week's show below and let us know what you think of these products in the comments. Do you use them? We look forward to finding out! 👇👇👇

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