Candy Flash, 3 Coin Monte, Rainbow Coins, Wormhole & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #106

The father & son team of Craig and Ryland Petty are back to review the latest and greatest products released to the magic community. This week they looked at Candy Flash, 3 Coin Monte, Rainbow Coins, Bottled Plus V2 and Wormhole. Like it or hate it, you will be the first to know.

Candy Flash, 3 Coin Monte, Rainbow Coins, Wormhole & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #106

Craig and Ryland give each product their own respective rating. If they like or dislike a product you will know. We aren't associated with any third party magic company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. Let's break down the five products and see what Craig and Ryland think of them.

Candy Flash

The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Candy Flash by Zihu. Penguin Magic's website states, "ZIHUTEAM Introduces the CANDY FLASH, a novel tool in your wonder arsenal: Cleanly vanish a candy from the spectator's own hands in a flash of light, have it reappear to any impossible location and give it as a memorable and tasty souvenir. The method requires no setup and is easy to do - anytime - anywhere." Craig & Ryland gave this product 10% and -100% respectively. It's not well made and that's clearly no passion put into the project.

3 Coin Monte

Vinny Sagoo & Neo Magic are back with another brand new product. This is the Three Coin Monte. The magician reveals three playing cards. Two have pennies and one has a large gold coin printed on it. The spectator is given the opportunity to keep an eye on the golden coin as the cards are mixed up. Despite their best attempts, they will always end up on the penny. By the end of the routine, the card they chose is turned over and it is revealed to be blank. All three cards now have pennies. It is a brilliant card routine with a fun storytelling aspect as well. Craig and Ryland awarded this product 95% and 100% each, praising its unique concept and execution.

Rainbow Coins

N2G has released another brand new coin set. This is Rainbow Coins. According to Penguin Magic's description, "The product concept of Rainbow Coins is to give creative presentation to classic coin magic. You show five ancient Chinese coins of different colors. Their colors are one of the rainbow, except the black coin. You let the audience hold these five coins, and the black coin disappears in the hands of the audience and appears wherever you like." While the packing is nice, the coins are substandard and the tutorial is not very good. There's no great ideas, they are badly taught and it is very expensive. As a result, Craig and Ryland gave this product 20% and 15% respectively. It's not the worst trick in the world, but it could have been much better.

Bottled Plus V2

Everyone has heard of Taiwan Ben's Bottled. He is back with the newest version, now containing a killer production hidden in plain sight. This is one of the smoothest Cap in Bottle gimmicks you will ever see. The magician shows a seemingly normal bottle cap while asking their spectator to name a card. Not only is the bottle cap placed inside the bottle, it now has the predictions written across the cap. It's very easy to learn and perform. Both the bottle and cap can be examined before & after the routine. Craig and Ryland loved this product, awarding it 100% each.


The final product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Wormhole by Avi Yap and Mario Tarasini. According to Vanishing Inc's website description, "The method of "Wormhole" is bold but, with Avi's personal touches, handlings and tips, you can vanish, transfer, color change a card like you are truly passing through the portal. You are even able to perform TNR card effects with "Wormhole".

"Wormhole" by Avi Yap and Mario Tarasini comes with a ready to use gimmick and online instructions. In the instructions, Avi goes through everything you'd need to perform "Wormhole" like him. If you like visual table card magic, this is the effect for you!" There are several problems with this gimmick. You can easily achieve the same effect with other products. Wormhole has very poor angles to perform with, it's clearly not designed for the real world and the creators should have been more honest with how it works. As a result, Craig & Ryland gave Wormhole -100% and -1000% each. We do not recommend this at all.


And that's everything for this week's show. Craig & Ryland got to review some amazing products while others were not quite up to standard. You can find the full Magic Review Show below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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