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Focuz, Vanishing Tube, Touch & QR Prediction | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #99

The duo team of Craig & Ryland Petty returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This week they are looking at Touch, Vanishing Tube, Focuz and QR Prediction. Each of these tricks are examined, performed and given an honest rating.

Focuz, Vanishing Tube, Touch & QR Prediction | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #99

The father & son team perform every trick they review so you can see exactly how the routine looks and they are always 100% honest.  If they like it or hate it you will know. Let's break down each of the four products and let you know what they're about.


The first product Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Touch by Paul Curry. Penguin Magic's description states, "Touch is a mind reading miracle. Before anything happens, you remove a joker from the pack, and write a prediction on its face. The prediction stays in full view, as the spectator touches a card. Turn over your prediction and it matches EXACTLY, every time, with any card. No force, no secret writing, no rough or sticky cards."

Craig & Ryland did enjoy the product, but did note that you do have to carry around the gimmicked deck and the deck isn’t examinable at the end. It is also a bit too simple of an effect to get where you need to be, too much procedure involved. Nevertheless, it is a decent trick and was awarded 79% from both magicians.

Vanishing Tube

7 MAGIC has released another controversial product. This is the Vanishing Tube. The description on Penguin Magic describes two effects you can do with this product. "Effect 1: Show a metal tube (has a sealed bottom) to the audience and it can be checked. Put silk into the tube. Magically the silk goes through the bottom of the tube! Pull out the silk and all these can be checked by the audience. Effect 2: Put a signed coin into the tube, and plug the top hole with flash cotton. Ignite the flash cotton and find the coin disappearing. Magically you remove the signed coin from your pocket! Or you can use our "Nested Box (Aluminum)" as the demo, the missing coin reappears in the smallest sealed box."

The tutorial included is way too short with no substance to the explanation and there’s no subtitles for a non-english video. While this wouldn't be an issue if the trick was local to the country, the product is marketed to English speaking countries. The trick should state it’s not in English, otherwise this forces you to guess what to do. It's very uninspiring, but at the very least, it is well made. Craig gave this product 60% and that's only because the product itself is well structured. As for Ryland, he was less generous and followed up with 30%.


Peter Eggink is back with another Focuz. Unfortunately, he has not released a good product once again. This is Focuz. Penguin Magic's description states, "Any card is selected and is initialized on its back by the spectator. The card is shuffled back into the deck. Next, a blank-faced card with a hole in its center is shown and placed on top of the deck - the top card can be clearly seen at any time through the hole with just a flick the spectator's selection magically appears on top of the deck showing their initials right through the hole!

Without any switches, the card is given back to the spectator as a souvenir. This is a super visual close-up illusion that will fool you - A magical "flash appearance" of a signed card like no other due to Peter's clever gimmick design." Firstly, the tutorial is too short with no live performances included. The gimmick itself had already broken within the first hour, meaning Craig or Ryland couldn't even perform it. It can't be examined at all and it’s being used to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. There’s many different ways to accomplish a better effect. Craig gave this product 5% while Ryland followed up with 0.100%.

QR Prediction

The final product on this week's Magic Review Show is QR Prediction by Gustavo Raley. Vanishing Inc's website states, "

"QR Prediction" is an innovative effect brought to you by Gustavo Raley. A spectator selects a famous character and the magician introduces a QR code. When scanned, it takes you to a photo of the celebrity. For the skeptics in the audience that think this amazing moment involves technology trickery, you then go one step further and transform the QR code itself into an image of the selected person.

Super easy to perform and reset. Uses a unique force. Multiple versions available. Great for parlor or stage magic and kid's shows." It's a great interactive trick that's very visual. While the force isn’t the greatest, it’s a good way to make a funny opener for your act. Craig and Ryland awarded this product 98% & 99% respectively.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. You can watch the full episode below to see Craig & Ryland review each product in detail. If you have any plans to use these products yourself, let us know in the comments.

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