Reviewing PROHIBITION MONTE & More Magic Tricks! | Magic Review Show

On this week's episode of The Magic Review Show, the Pettys are back to review the latest products released to the magic community. As with all episodes, what you see is 100% their own opinion and aren't associated with any company. This week we looked at Prohibition Monte, BonBon Box Trick, The Two Cup Routine and 3D Kennedy Collection!

Reviewing PROHIBITION MONTE & More Magic Tricks! | Magic Review Show

The first product we reviewed is Prohibition Monte by Alan Rorrison and The 1914. This is designed to enhance one of the world's most famous card swindles by giving a truly impossible ending that will leave your audience in absolutely awestruck. It's the perfect fusion of three of magic's most amazing card routines. The Two Card Monte, The Anniversary Waltz, and The Torn and Restored Card. It's an amazing trick that scored a rating of 95% and 97% respectively from Craig & Ryland!

Magic trick number 2 is BonBon Box Trick by George Iglesias and Twister Magic. This has been created as a fun effect where you can fill up an empty box with tasty chocolates right in front of your audience's very eyes. Not only did this leave all of your spectators impressed, but now they have chocolates to enjoy as well! It's an incredible trick that Craig gave an 80% rating for while Ryland followed up with a strong 100%!

For our third trick we reviewed The Two Cups Routine by Tommy Wonder and Bluether Magic. The two-cup Routine is a cups and balls routine created by Tommy Wonder in 1976. It was first taught to the community in The lecture "Original Magic from Holland" in 1977. Now we can get this for ourselves. This is without a doubt one of the best Cups & Balls routines ever! Craig loves this trick and gave it a strong 100% with Ryland giving it a 119% score!

The final product of this week's Magic Review Show is 3D Kennedy Collection by RPR Magic Innovations.Considered to be the ultimate coin collection, this amazing trick has endless possibilities that can be achieved with this amazing collection. Craig, a big fan of coin magic, loves this collection and gave it a 95% score with Ryland giving the set a 110% rating. A truly brilliant collection featuring one regular Kennedy half dollar, one Protruding Kennedy with pushed-through back, one Protruding Kennedy with a flush back, one Protruding Folding Kennedy, and one 3-D Radical Karate Kennedy coin.

That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. We got to review some amazing products this week and can't wait to look at the newest trick's in next week's show. Until then check out the full episode of this week's episode below and let us know what you think in the comments! 👇👇👇

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