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Cube Fix, TNT, Presto Printo & Eureka | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The iconic team of The Motivational Magician & The Kid Magician returned this week with another brand new Magic Review Show. This week Craig & Ryland look at Cube Fix, TNT, Presto Printo and Eureka. Every trick was examined, performed and given an honest rating.

Cube Fix, TNT, Presto Printo & Eureka | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of The Magic Review Show, Craig and Ryland review each product and give their own individual rating. Neither magician is associated with a third party. All of their opinions are strictly their own. You don't have to worry about them liking a trick you dislike or vice versa.

Cube Fix

The first product reviewed on this week's show is Cube Fix by Ale Magix. Penguin Magic states, "Designed to undertake a real "magical journey" with the Rubik's Cube starting from scratch.The thorough explanation of the 6 effects + a bonus unpublished contained within CubeFIX, will allow you to assimilate the best every concept that concerns the technique, misdirection and psychology necessary for the realization of professional magic." There are several issues with this product. The product is uninspiring, unoriginal, the tricks on this project are very underwhelming and it would turn away magicians from doing Rubik's cube magic. Craig & Ryland were not a fan, only giving this product 15% each.


Roddy McGhie has recently introduced TNT, a brand new product that will allow the magician to tear and instantly restore a card. The centre of the playing card is torn out before it is then restored within the wrong direction. It's an incredible trick with multiple different handlings taught by Roddy. Once again, Roddy has delivered another fantastic product. While Craig plans to use his own handling for this trick, he is still a fan of the concept and plans to use it. As a result, Craig awarded TNT with a 90% rating. Ryland followed up with 99%. This trick has since been featured on a Magic Live.

Presto Printo

Unfortunately, Daryl is no longer with us anymore. However, his legacy lives on as his older tricks are now being released. This is Presto Printo. Murphy's Magic describes the product as followers, "After showing a bunch of blank playing cards, you demonstrate how you can use a spectator’s selected card to magically print the other cards. You print a card with a mirror image of the selection, another playing card that gets smudged because you forgot to let the ink dry, a version where the pips nearly fall off the card and so much more." It's completely examinable, instant reset, no table required, easy to do, very visual and much more. What's not to like? Craig & Ryland were big fans, giving this product 98% and 100% respectively.


Marcos has released multiple products in the last year, many of which have ended up on Honest Trailers. Unfortunately, this one isn't any better. This is Eureka. Penguin Magic states, "More than a magical coloring book, it is a book with many animations and different magical applications, five effects in a single book, a very original idea that has to be in your briefcase. You have more than 15 minutes of routine, each routine can be presented individually, the book is a good A4 size, the image is large, 6 passes and of good quality."

This trick is just as bad as the others. In addition to this trick, Marcos doesn't even provide English Instructions or any subtitles. However, even without that Eureka is not a very good trick at all. Craig and Ryland gave this product -1000% and -Infinity Cubed%. It's really that bad. If you haven't already, check out the Honest Trailer dedicated to this trick.


That's everything we have to review this week. Some of the tricks were fantastic and chances are you will see them again on Magic TV in the future. Until then, stay tuned for next week's Magic Review Show. You can find the full episode to this week's episode below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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