Solid, The Moment, Prestige Dry Erase & Pro Mind Set | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Welcome to episode 75 of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show. Every week the father & son team review the latest products released to the magic community. Love or hate it, they will let you know. This week they look at The Moment, Prestige Dry Erase, Pro Mind Set and SOLID.

Solid, The Moment, Prestige Dry Erase & Pro Mind Set | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The best part about the Magic Review Show is how unbiased Craig & Ryland are. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. If you love a product they dislike or vice versa, that's completely fine. Let's break down the four products they reviewed this week.

The Moment

The first routine Craig & Ryland looked at this week is The Moment by Andy Nyman. This is an experience like no other that you share with your spectator using antique matching cards. This creates an astonishing matching effect your audience will never forget. Penguin Magic describes the routine as, "Two sets of antique circus cards are introduced, a red and a blue packet. Apart from those cards, the magician card is introduced as the one card the performer loved most as a child. The spectator is invited to pick the packet they like, while the other packet is set aside.

The performer shows all of the different designs on the cards to the spectator before giving them a mix. The spectator then helps further mix the cards into a random order. The other packet is brought into play and revealed to have the same pictures. Impossibly, the order of the two packets matches. As a kicker, the magician card is turned over to reveal that the performer knew all along which packet the spectator would pick." It's a clever routine with unique antique cards that look just like a memento from your childhood. This helps make this trick memorable. Craig & Ryland enjoyed this routine, giving it the same rating of 99%.

Prestige Dry Erase

Sergey Koller & Hide- Trick have introduced a new powerful effect called Prestige Dry Erase. This brand new prop allows you to customise different outcomes for different audiences depending on your style of magic. You can show as many routines as you want because the whole process is erasable. You can literally just use a wipe to erase your previous trick and start over. According to Penguin Magic, one of the routines you can do is Luck/COVID-19.

"You ask a spectator to choose their future for the next year; you are showing 5 boards with five numbers on it. The spectator freely chooses any number from one to five. You show to the audience that the spectator's choice was the word "luck", but under all the other numbers there was... COVID-19." The possibilities with Prestige Dry Erase are endless. If you do stage magic or kids shows, this is a perfect prop to incorporate. Both Craig & Ryland loved this routine, giving it a 100% rating each.

Pro Mind Set

The next one has been named Trick of the Week by Ryland. Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig & Alan Wong have introduced a brand new self-contained close-up Mentalism set that is designed to be performed under ‘spatially aware’ conditions. PSYCHIC MENTALITY describes this routine as, "Slowly but surely the World is getting back to ‘normal’ but the biggest challenge, especially for mentalists, is to be able to perform close-up, whilst trying to avoid placing items on the table or letting spectators touch the props.The specially designed props are produced to last, can be easily wiped clean between performances and are all self-contained inside the Mind Pro Set wallet. You can choose to perform all five routines in succession as a fully self-contained set, or select individually and add to your existing set-list."

There are five routines featured within this set. In addition to these routines, the set includes a special double-sided card. These cards have two optical illusion images printed on. This lets you alternate in-between the routines to prove how easily the mind can be tricked. It's an incredible set with high quality durable material and good care that will last a lifetime. Craig really enjoyed this set, giving it a 95% rating. Ryland followed up with 119%.


Julio Montoro has had a reputation for releasing poor magic products. Unfortunately, this next one isn't any exception. Solid has been designed to let a magician borrow a random can of soda and pierce a signed key through it. The set comes with a handmade gimmick, two keys and a tutorial video from Julio. Penguin Magic goes onto state, "This would be how a coin through can would look if real magic did exist. This is that kind of trick that, once you know the secret, it will make you smile. The moment where the object pierces the can is that fun that you can't stop performing it in front of your mirror." It's very poorly thought out and clearly not designed to work at all. The prop was so poor that Craig and Ryland didn't even give it a rating at all.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Most of the products were great. Chances are you are going to see these products again in future videos on Magic TV. You can check out the full episode below to see Craig and Ryland perform & explain each routine. Thanks for reading today's blog.

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