Vanishing Card, Thin Air, Bottle & Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review

Craig & Ryland returned yesterday with episode 90 of The Magic Review Show. They looked at the latest & greatest magic tricks that have been released to the magic community. This week they reviewed Bottle, The Vanishing Card, Thin Air and Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls.

Vanishing Card, Thin Air, Bottle & Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review

The father & son team perform every trick they review so you can see exactly how the routine looks and they are always 100% honest. If they like it or hate it you will know. Let's break down each of the four products and let you know what they're about.


The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Bottle by Mickaël Chatelain. Gentleman's Magic describes this magic as, "The perfect coin in Bottle, elegant, stylish and so easy to do by Mickaël Chatelain. A diabolical secret for a powerful effect. Bottle is easy to learn, and in no time at all, you'll be able to present this incredible effect. What is very strong here is that not only your spectators will witness the SIGHT penetration of the coin in the bottle, but also think of the sound impact that adds an additional emotional involvement totally unexpected and strong for the audience. And the best part is that you can give it all away at the end of your routine." It's an incredibly made product that can be used anytime & anywhere. Craig loves this product, giving it 100%. Ryland is just as impressed, awarding Bottle with 119%.

The Vanishing Card

Nicholas Lawrence's The Vanishing Card was a big seller at The Blackpool Magic Convention of 2022. Now it's finally available for everyone to obtain. Penguin Magic describes this trick as, "This vanish is insanely visual and crazy easy. You receive a custom design gimmick that allows you to hold a card by the smallest corner, and then with a wave of your hand it vanishes from the bottom up. Your audience actually sees a portion of the card still visible, floating in the air while the bottom of it is nowhere to be seen. The gimmick is incredibly durable, and easy to use." It's a well made product that does as it describes and will allow you to perform all sorts of feats. Craig and Ryland loved this product, awarding it with 95% and 97% respectively.

Thin Air

Next up we have Thin Air by Ignacio López. According to Vanishing Inc., "“Thin Air” is one of the most versatile utility devices we’ve ever offered. Hidden beneath the surface of this seemingly innocent silk lies one of the easiest and most practical ways to produce, vanish or switch playing cards, business cards, photos, lottery tickets, billets…or any other similar item." This new trick will allow you to produce a full deck of cards, switch hand-written notes, make coins magically appear and much more. While there are limitations as to where Thin Air would be used for, it's a strong effect and very well made. Craig enjoyed this magic trick, giving it 85%. Ryland was equally impressed, awarding it with 79%.

Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls

The final product for this week's Magic Review Review is Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls by Daniel Dorian Johnson. Everyone has heard of the classic Cups & Balls routine. Daniel Dorian Johnson wanted to take this classic effect one step further with this unique approach. Magicbox states, "A full Cups & Balls routine using nothing but 4 cards and a final load. Show 3 Cups & 3 Balls under each cup. One by one make each ball disappear then reappear with the wand that the spectator has been holding the whole time. It doesn’t stop there. After one more way wave of the wand, a tennis ball appears under each cup. And then a REAL Tennis Ball is thrown out from under the cards. This is a routine ideal for any walk around table magician and takes up very little pocket space. It can even fit in your wallet ready to go." It's a brilliant unique approach to a classic routine that everyone will love. Craig and Ryland gave this product 100% rating each, praising it's presentation as well as it's execution.


And that's everything we have to review for this week's Magic Review Show. The full episode can be found below. Check it out and let us know if you plan to use any of those products. We look forward to seeing your thoughts. Stay tuned for next week's Magic Review Show.

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