Black Ops Watch, Picturesque, Mental Block & Pizza Magic | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Welcome back to another brand new Magic Review Show with Craig and Ryland. This week they look at Mental Block, Black Ops Watch, Pizza Magic and Picturesque. All tricks are performed, discussed and you will know if they are good or bad.

Black Ops Watch, Picturesque, Mental Block & Pizza Magic | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Every week Craig & Ryland team up to review the latest & greatest products released to the magic community. Neither magician is associated with any third party magic company. All of their opinions are strictly their own. If they like a trick that you didn't enjoy or vice versa, that's not a problem. The following tricks below were reviewed.

Mental Block

The first magic product Craig & Ryland looked at this week is Mental Block by Dan Harlan. This is a brand new color vision box unlike anything you have ever seen before thanks to the creative mind of Dan. This is how the routine works based on Penguin Magic's description, "The magician introduces a small wooden box and block to the audience. Both objects are completely examinable. The magician has the audience place the block inside the box while remembering which color is face-up in the box. The magician is instantly able to tell exactly which color is face up. As a kicker, the block completely vanishes. In an encore, the magician is able to divine the identity of any object the audience chooses to place in the box. It’s an astonishing multiphase effect." It's a well-crafted prop that will allow you to perform incredible feats. Craig loved this product, giving it 95%. Ryland followed up with a perfect 100%.

Black Ops Watch

Now we reach the least favourite trick of this week's show. Introducing Black Ops Watch by James Keteley. Vanishing Inc. states, ""Black Ops Watch" is a custom-crafted gimmick that looks like a generic smartwatch. It's inconspicuous design flies under the radar. It's as smooth as it is silent, and enables you to have the coin available to you at a moment's notice. You can make it appear wherever you want--in their pocket, under a glass, in their hat--literally anywhere. Nobody will ever suspect the watch is doing the dirty work for you." The biggest issue with this project is there are no routines included, meaning there isn't much variety you can use it for. There's a lack of substance and the rest is just pointless. As a result, Craig only gave this product 20%, citing there might be someone out there looking for a method to vanish a coin, but that's as far as it goes. Ryland was not a fan at all, giving it -1000%.

Pizza Magic

Gustavo Raley is back with another brand new trick for kids. This is Pizza Magic. Vanishing Inc. states, "Pizza Magic is visual, practical and magical. A great entertaining effect for children's shows and family shows. High-quality manufactured with an original transformation system." Once again, Gustavo has designed another fantastic product for kids shows that's very well made, will last a long time, it's visual, there's comedy and it's easy to do. Craig & Ryland loved this product, giving it 100% each.


The last product is a reimagining of McDonald’s Ace Assemble. Introducing Picturesque by John Guastaferro & David Regal. Penguin Magic states, "John has reworked the classic classic routine into a masterpiece that incorporates the twelve court cards with the Aces. This distinctive approach makes the routine more elegant, meaningful, and beautiful to watch. The switches, displays, and counts are all motivated and choreographed to make the effect almost a ballet of card magic. The best part is that it’s easy to perform for magicians of all skill levels." It's a very well-made product that pays classic homage to the original McDonald’s Ace Assemble. This is a true masterpiece in magic. Craig & Ryland loved this product, giving it 98% and 100% respectively.


And that's everything we have to review for this week's Magic Review Show. The full episode can be found below. Check it out and let us know if you plan to use any of those products. We look forward to seeing your thoughts. Stay tuned for next week's Magic Review Show.

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