Frequency, Linking Onion Rings, Wild Shock, Cupit | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland returned this week with episode 71 of the Magic Review Show. This week has unfortunately been quite a disappointing episode. There were several products that simply were not up to standards. Maybe they might be better received on Review Show Revisited one day, but until then we looked at Frequency, Linking Onion Rings, PHONE APPETIT 2022, WILD SHOCK 2022 & Cupit.

Frequency, Linking Onion Rings, Wild Shock, Cupit | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to hear first hand about the newest products released to the Magic Community. Craig & Ryland perform each routine, talk about it in detail and let you know if the routine is good or bad. If you like a product that neither magician liked or vice versa, that's not a problem. Be sure to share your own thoughts. Until then let's break down each routine.


The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Frequency by Peter Eggink & Armanujjaman Abir. The duo teamed up in 2018 when the latter proposed an idea to make an improved version. It's designed as a devious, clever gimmick to allow a magician to perform several PK/PK touch effects and amazing phone vanish. The description on Penguin Magic goes on to state, "It’s a very clever electronic device that you can carry around and is completely “invisible” when in play -You’ll love this! Frequency is your new secret weapon in magic. Period."

While Frequency is filled with many possibilities you can do with the gimmick, the product itself is simply no good. When it comes to vanishing phone tricks, you can easily use Hanson Chien's SiriX Pro that's cheaper and already great on its own. Frequency is simply an unneeded additional accessory. Craig gave this product 0% while Ryland followed up with 5%, simply stating his rating is because you can combine it with SiriX Pro to make it somewhat decent.

Linking Onion Rings

Julio Montoro returns this week with The Linking Onion Rings. One of the most popular performed effects of all time is the Chinese linking rings. Julio Montoro wanted to take this one step further and came up with the idea to perform this routine using something everybody is already familiar with: Onion Rings. Penguin Magic states, "With Linking Onion Rings you will receive two realistic gimmicked onion rings that look as if they were real ones and a tutorial that will show you the handling step by step to make it look so visual."

Craig & Ryland shared mixed reactions to this routine. While the product is well made and does what it says, the problem is making sense of the product in the right environment. If you're in the middle of a gig, it might be a bit strange pulling out some Onion Rings all of a sudden. It would probably be great on social media and restraints. Craig awarded this routine a 40%, citing it's well designed but probably not ideally to use in the real world. Ryland enjoyed this product and gave it a higher score of 90%.


Tenyo Magic have recently released some new products. The first one is PHONE APPETIT 2022. The idea behind this routine has the magician wearing a face mask that's printed with a giant red mouth. Without warning they are supposed to suddenly "eat" a smartphone in plain view. The prop includes a face mask, a dummy smartphone and an instruction sheet.  That covers the whole product, unfortunately.

Craig was quite surprised by this because Tenyo has produced some great ideas over the years. This product is simply the sort of thing you would expect to see within a magic trick for kids. It's not professional at all. Craig even goes on to say this may be considered the worst magic trick of 2021. As far as ratings go, you'll have to see for yourself in the full episode. If you want further proof on Tenyo's quality dropping, let's take a look at their next item.


Tenyo's next product is WILD SHOCK 2020. The idea behind this routine has a spectator freely choose a card from the deck and when the magician rubs the selection one-by-one against six Jokers, they each transform into selection. They continue doing so until all of the cards have become identical copies of the selected card. The product includes a special deck of cards, special envelope, and detailed instructions enclosed.

Everyone has heard of the original Wild Card. It's great and has been around for years. There's so many different variations. With Tenyo you expect something different and unique. This routine is basically rehashed with nothing new to add. It doesn't help that the cards aren't well designed as well. As a result this product received 0% from Craig and -1000% from Ryland.


Finally we get to the trick of the week. Introducing Pit Hartling's Cupit. This routine has a magician introduce a very special Joker that is introduced to look like a Cupit. As the cards are enchanted by the little Cupit, they will magically find their perfect partners. Your spectator even helps shuffle the cards throughout to help Cupit bring the mates of three freely chosen cards next to their partners within the deck.

PropDog states, "Where other routines end, "Cupit" features a veritable firework of effects: by accident, Cupit gets in touch with the shuffled pile and even a well mixed pack of cards in the card case, and arranges all the cards next to their partners! A romantic Overkill! "Cupit" is a modern classic. Pit has performed it in countless situations all over the world, from informal sessions to TV performances, and the routine has been closer to his formal close-up shows for almost twenty years."

It's a brilliant and creative routine that really sets the mood of the party. This is without a shadow of a doubt the best routine we have reviewed this week. Craig & Ryland enjoyed the presentation and effect, awarding Cupit with a 100% and 110% rating restively.


That concludes everything for this week's Magic Review Show. There were some very poor routines this week. We hope next week's Magic Review Show will see some better received routines. Until then you can watch the full Magic Review Show below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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