Paul Romhany | Vanish Magazine, Charlie Chaplin, Cruise Ships & More

In this week's Talk Magic episode, Craig interviewed the amazing Paul Romhany. Best known for his Charlie Chaplin magic act, Paul is here to talk us through his career, developing a character and how he developed the Charlie Chaplin act he is most famous for.

Paul Romhany | Vanish Magazine, Charlie Chaplin, Cruise Ships & More

A New Zealand-born magician, Paul Romhany has been awarded many industry awards throughout his career. This includes the PCAM Gold Medal and the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand Top Variety Act award. As well as his iconic Charlie Chaplin act, Paul has entertained the Royal Family of Monaco, performed at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and appeared in over 100 countries.

As well as being an excellent magician, Paul is also a writer with over 24 books to his name, including a best-selling book for the general public on cat readings. Each month he releases a new book as part of his Pro-Series range of books for magicians. With over fifty original magic effects and routines released by Paul over the years, he has some many incredible performances to perform close-up and on stage.

Paul is no stranger to lecturing at magic clubs and even consults magicians for both television and stage. He even created a free downloadable trade magician for magicians in 2012 called 'Vanish.' This is an amazing interview where Paul talks about the highs and lows of his career, offering a lot of real world advice and even talking about the Vanish Magazine that led to him reating what has become THE magazine for magicians across the globe.

This interview is incredible. Watch the full episode below or listen to it on our podcast if you're on the move. Let us know what you think in the comments. 👇👇👇

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