Talk Magic With Paul Green | The Most Influential Magician Talks About His Life In Magic!

Craig Petty sits down with a legendary magician he has been wanting to interview for a long time. Introducing the incredible Paul Green. Before we go into any more depth, due to personal reasons Paul will not be appearing on video for this interview. Everything will be audio only, similar to our Talk Magic Podcast. Not to worry because Paul will be sharing some incredible stories.

Talk Magic With Paul Green | The Most Influential Magician Talks About His Life In Magic!

To say Paul Green has had a history in magic would be an underestimate. As a native Californian. Paul Green began his career in magic when he was just seven years old. After his father took him and his older brother to a “father/son banquet”, there was a magician performing for the group. Needless to say, he was hooked!

After his older brother lost interest in magic once he had assembled a “shoe box” of magic, Paul stuck to it. As a result, magic became very important to him. He would go on to put on little shows in his backyard along with some of the neighbourhood kids. His first “paid” show was for his three year old cousin’s birthday. The party was held in a community park. He continued performing for other children’s parties while in school, becoming more and more comfortable with each performance. His earnings are used to fund props from the catalogs and shops.

In junior high (now middle school), Paul started a Magic Club with a group of kids put on shows for the entire school. It was also during this time that he found other kids in the area that did magic, too. They started another group that met on Saturday, once-a-month. The Dante Magic Club was held in various homes and community meeting rooms. The group were un-officially sponsored by Alvin Jansen, the son of the famous magician Dante. The group was wonderful and their alumni included Paul Harris and Harry Anderson. Famous performers like Arnold Furst, Eric Lewis and Alan Wakeling came to do lectures as well.

Over the years he began performing at restaurants, eventually working his way up at one Beverly Hills eatery for over 25 years! He also had the good fortune to work for many A-list celebrities--Cary Grant, Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. Alongside restraints, Paul also started performing at trade shows for companies like Monsanto and IBM. Other venues included cruise ships which visited many exotic locations.

Paul is an incredible magician, having lectured around the world for a long time. He has since been honoured with Lecturer of the Year and Close-Up Magician of the Year awards from the Academy of Magical Arts at the world-famous Magic Castle. Additionally, he has been a columnist for the Magic Menu and participated in the Live at the Jailhouse DVD set.

To his day Paul is still involved with the AMA and the Magic Castle. He is also a member of The Elders which is a group of mentalists in the Southern California area. This is an incredible interview no one should miss. You can check out the full episode below, but as we mentioned before, the interview is audio only. Stay tuned for the episode to go live on AudioBoom in a few days time.

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