Swarm, FAST, Plotto, Paper Hercules & Party Time | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Welcome to episode 104 of Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show. This week's episode features one of the worst products of all time. The products included on this week's episode are Swarm, FAST, Paper Hercules, Plotto & Party Time. Each product was explained, performed and given an honest rating by both magicians. If they like or dislike a product, you will be the first to know.

Swarm, FAST, Plotto, Paper Hercules & Party Time | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect way to learn about the latest magic products. Each trick is broken down into detail and then performed by either Craig or Ryland. If they like or dislike a trick, they will let you know. You might like some of the routines they dislike or vice versa. That's absolutely fine. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Review Show Revisited. Some of these products may be performed again within the real world. Until then let's break down this week's products.


To kick off this week's Magic Review Show, Craig & Ryland reviewed the second worst trick featured on the episode. This is Swarm by Abstract Effects. Penguin Magic's website states, "One card. Endless possibilities. This is SWARM! Fully and easily customizable, this single gimmick can be paired with your favorite deck of cards and provide you with the ability to perform endless color changing, object producing effects!

Finally, you can have your spectator sign a card and then change the color of the card back right in front of their eyes instantly before handing their card back to them for them to examine and keep. Not only that, but SWARM allows you to produce virtually any small object on your spectator's signed card." There are several issues with this product. No tutorial, the worst flap card included, it falls apart easily, it won't fool anyone and much more. Craig and Ryland gave this product low ratings of -100% and -1000% respectively.


Daniel Dorian John introduced an incredible trick at Blackpool Magic Convention 2022. Now it has finally been released for everyone. This is F.A.S.T. Penguin Magic's description states, "F.A.S.T by Daniel Dorian Johnson has been widely regarded as being the 'Trick of the Convention' at the 2022 Blackpool Magic Convention. It should therefore be no surprise that this product sold out completely early on Sunday morning on the strength of Berg-Fast alone!

No advertising! No flashy sales techniques! No big-name endorsements! Just the strength of the material and word of mouth. The F.A.S.T project contains a total of FIVE incredible effects each of which takes advantage of a tried and tested system to produce a series of powerful effects that are so simple to perform that it is almost criminal." It's an incredible product with several amazing effects available. Craig and Ryland loved this product, awarding it 99% and 100%.

Paper Hercules

Next up Craig & Ryland look at what may be considered the worst magic product of all time This is Paper Hercules by Bacon Magic. The description on Penguin Magic states, "Paper is one of the carriers of thought. Books, paintings, music scores, letters... Human culture or emotions can be carried on such paper products. So what about using paper as a carrier of substance? With a piece of paper to support the weight... At first glance, it seems impossible. A plain piece of paper doesn't have much support. But the traditional Chinese trick, "paper man holding bowl", offers a different answer." This product is beyond terrible. It's very impractical, it's pointless and there's no live performance because there's nowhere you can do this. The concept is literally just hammering a piece of paper to hold a bowl up. This may be the worst trick ever featured on Magic TV. Craig & Ryland gave this product -100,000,000% each.


Michael Murray has recently introduced P-lotto, a brand new trick that involves incorporating lottery tickets. According to Penguin Magic's website, "The participant shuffles and mixes a deck of lottery cards thus emulating an actual lottery machine. After doing this they are invited to freely choose six cards from the shuffled deck. Despite being given every opportunity to change their cards throughout, the conclusion of the routine sees the exact six numbers that the participant has chosen printed across the genuine lottery ticket that they have been given to hold at the very beginning of the routine." It is well designed, it makes sense, plays really well in close up as well as parlour, stage and much more. Craig enjoyed this product, giving it 90%. Ryland followed up with 59% but this is only because he doesn't have a reason to use Plotto at his age.

Party Time

The final trick featured on this week's Magic Review Show is Party Time by Adrian Vega. Penguin Magic states, "Party Time allows you to perform the classic signed card in the box plot, or any open prediction. Imagine showing a card, folding in quarters clearly, and leaving it under the shot glass. Now, you do your favorite routine with a signed card, and end it showing that the folded card was the signed card from the START." While Adrian has released some great products in the past, this one isn't quite up to his usual standards. While it is well made, there are better ways to accomplish the effect. It's an elegant solution that's impractical and solves a problem that doesn't exist. To conclude this week's show, Craig & Ryland gave this product 25% and 12%.


That concludes everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Unfortunately, only a couple of the products were good. We hope next week's show will be an improvement. Until then, check out the full episode on Magic TV below. Don't forget to let us know if you are planning on getting any of these products.

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